So I know I’ve mentioned us doing remodeling our downstairs–it’s the third level of a four-split level house. It’s also where my studio resides. Okay, so maybe it’s more of an ‘office’, but soon it will be more studio-esque. :)

Dan did the one wall in my office a couple weeks ago and then did another wall on the opposite side of the room last week. Kassidy–my photography major daughter–is taking a documentary class and thought this would make a good subject. She just got some photos edited last night for her class today and so of course I had to steal them and share them here, right?

She did a pretty darn good job, don’t ya think? And Dan too? He’s making my walls fabulous with his vintage plaster. It’s pretty handy to have a guy like that in the house. ;)

Can’t wait to get get that all done . . . and new carpet! It’s pretty pathetic, but the carpet in this basement is over 30 years old. Probably originally came with the house. We bought it when it was maybe 12 years old and we’ve lived here going on 22 years.


Pretty sad.

But ever-so excited to get this floor a facelift! We’ve done a lot of the other floors . . . but this one is the beast with all my stuff and with it being my workspace it’s hard to find ‘the right time’. And when I did QVC? Yeah, waaaaaaay more stuff than I have now and I still have a ton. I feel another slimming coming down. I just really don’t want it all back in here. It’s funny how once you get it out, you really don’t care to get it back in . . . until you need that one thing you’ve had for ten years and didn’t need it until now . . . and you can’t buy it anymore because they don’t make it so you can’t get rid of it.

Anyway, this next little bit is going to get really interesting, I think. ;)