Our little Miss Naomi has been rockin’ the shapes lately.
Take a gander at what she’s made!

[ Shapes | Envelopes / For You (scallop edge envelope) / Borderlines 2 (lace)  ]

It is indeed wonderful.

I love the way she used the envelopes here.
And with the stitching?


Just makes me want to scrap all the more.
Maybe I’ll have some assemblence of an office next week?

A girl can hope, right?

The last big wall and ceilings will be plastered tomorrow.
Next, new moldings.

Then . . .  carpet. I’d much rather have the lighter shade, but the darker (medium) shade is much more practical  . . . curses. Dang me and my practical side. It still looks good. Can’t tell you how excited I am to get rid of the brown 30-year old carpet we have now.It’s been a long-time coming.

Once that’s all done I’ll be moving all my office stuff back into the space, but will have to wait for cabinets and my new desk. At least my stacks of office stuff won’t be in my front room anymore.

Getting very excited to get this done and all organized!