I’m constantly amazed with what people will think of…always wondering, ‘What will they think of next?’

And lately it seems that I’ve been on a quest of discovery to find out how to be the most efficient person I can be and in the quest, I find more and more fun things you can do. The question is, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Adding to my list of things? I dunno. It’s fun though. :)

So I thought it might be fun to share some different things that I learn from time to time that help make my life easier–and perhaps it might help you too.

One thing to note, I’m an Apple girl and do have Macs, so some of this stuff applies to the Apple way of life. But I’m guessing that more than likely, there will often be a PC equivalent way of doing it as well.

Oh, and a little disclaimer here . . . I am not an expert on any of these things. I know there is so much out there as well as so much to learn. So if you have anything to add, it would be most welcome. :)

So today, let’s talk about the app, Pages. 

I discovered this app not too long ago. It’s just a word processor, but so far it has been so easy to use! It seems to be very intuitive–and maybe it’s just because it’s similar to things I’ve already used. To be honest, I hate using Word. I worked at WordPerfect for six years and still love that program. But sadly, they don’t make WP for Mac anymore. So because most of my tasks are fairly simple, I’m often just using Text Edit (like Notebook) to do all my writing for things–including my History Project subjects, thinking out classes, and stuff like that. It’s easy stuff.

But when I got a new laptop, somehow I came across the Pages app. There is an app for the Mac as well as for your iPhone/iPad. It’s $20 for the computer and $10 for the mobile devices, which equals $30 all together. Love that price point. Much cheaper than buying Word and it works over multiple devices!

On top of it working over multiple devices, you can save your files in iCloud (I believe it even defaults to that). So if I’m out and about and I think of something cool, I can start writing it on my iPhone and then go to my computer and pull it up there from my cloud. No saving and transferring of files at all.

I just think that is so awesome and I’m just smitten with the convenience of it all!

Like I’d mentioned, it seems to be very intuitive. I rarely have to do anything elaborate with a word processor. But when I want to fancy something up, there’s a little  blue button in the upper left where you can push it and a sidebar pops out and you get this:

It makes using the ‘everyday’ items so easy to find. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in Word clicking on menus trying to find this or that feature. I love that the most commonly used items are right there when you need them and neatly tucked away when you don’t.

And as you are working on it, selecting Headings and such, you can modify the heading style (font, color, etc.) with just the click of a button. Awesome.

When I first watched the video presentation on it, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is almost like using InDesign.’ The way it can handle graphics and text is fabulous. And then, you can also save it as a PDF. I would seriously think about using it for my PDFs that I make. In fact, I may try it on my next PDF project in lieu of InDesign. And when you compare those two price points? Uhhh…yeah, I think InDesign is like $600.

They also have many templates that are graphically designed for you, so if you need to make a newsletter? Just give it a click and plug in your own text and photos. It’s slick, really.

The one drawback to the program for Macs is that you have to use it on OS Lion or later. And on my big Mac, I still have Snow Leopard. (My laptop is Mountain Lion.) I’ve been contemplating upgrading it so I can use the iCloud feature. Need it terribly. Want my Calendars to be all synced too. I can’t believe how much I’m relying on that lately–mostly on my iPhone. I think I must be getting old. ;)

Speaking of The History Project, this would be a great way to keep a type written journal too! That’s how I do it. If you think of a memory while you’re out and about, pull out your Apple device and type it in Pages. Then at home you can finish your entry on your computer, 

This seriously has been one of my most exciting discoveries of late. I know it’s simple and been there for a while, but maybe you’re like me and wasn’t really aware of it and what it  could do.

And now you know too. :)

You can read about the Pages app  for iOS devices HERE.
You can read about the Pages app for Mac HERE. That link also has a video you can watch about it too.