I’ve had the privilege of knowing Miss Loni Stevens for about ten years now. I’m always amazed by her artistic talent . . .  as many of you have also seen over the years too. She and I used to work together doing QVC and  creating CK Kits of the Month and had a wonderful time brainstorming together and creating together . . .  and a lot of laughing together.

Well, what many of you don’t know is that Loni has an amazing sense of style. Of course she would! Me? I’m a jeans+tshirt kind-a gal. But Loni always has the cutest stuff to wear.

So when she told me that she was venturing into the online clothing store arena, I was like yahoo! Being on the plus end of the spectrum myself, I was ecstatic to know that she’d be purchasing clothes that would be XL and above. It’s hard to find stylish clothes in those boutiques ’round these parts.

And now? Loni’s got ’em.

And they are online.

Introducing Loni’s latest adventure:

 Ruby Bloom is an online boutique that carries women sizes S-L and 1x-3x. Everything is hand-selected and new items come in regularly. (Lots more to come!) All items are limited to what’s in stock, so if you see it + like it? Don’t wait!

Loni lives in my neck of the woods, so I had the luckiness (yeah, it’s a word) of going over to do a little shopping for myself. Here’s what I picked out.  

Love this sleeveless polka dot blouse! I have nothing like it and I feel like it’s a big step from the black tshirt that I’m usually wearing. :)

Of course, Loni’s models look ever-so much better than I do. 

Oh, and you’ll wanna be sure to like them on Facebook HERE, so that you can be ‘in the know’ with what’s come in as well as all their promotions.

Congratulations Loni! I’ll be sure to check out your site often so I can spruce up my wardrobe.
know you’ll have the good stuff! :)