Before I get today’s goodies, I just wanted to remind ya really quickly that today is the last day of this:

I got a smart phone–okay, it’s an iPhone 5–a few months ago. I am in love over the fact that I have a great camera at my finger tips (finally) without having to lug my big boy around. I love that I have a phone, camera, calendar, music/movie player, etc.,  all wrapped up all into one neat little white and silver package.

And I really love that I can take a great photo and capture every moment when I need to.

Which leads me to today’s page from our sweet Laura. I love Laura’s story about her daughter capturing her many faces. Okay, so she used her mom’s big camera, but the principal is still the same. How many of your kids take photos of themselves with their own phone? And how many photos do they take during school and hanging with friends? I love that they are capturing every moment.

[ Shapes | Storyboard #1 (template), This & That: Love (filmstrip), ‘Snapshots’ title ]

I love how Laura cut filmstrips from different patterns to use as accents on her page–carrying on the ‘snapshot’ theme. It’s awesome! Love it.

Here’s what Laura has to say: 

My youngest daughter, Sarah, had taken these photos of herself, using the remote control for my camera, which was set up in my scrapbook room on a tripod. I didn’t know she took these until I was downloading photos from my memory card a few days later. It’s totally her to ham it up for the camera and take crazy photos of herself. I used one of Kerri’s storyboard templates to arrange my favorite photos and print them out in a collage. The “Snapshots: Capturing Every Moment” title is one of Kerri’s freebie shapes, and fit the theme of my page perfectly. I also cut a few filmstrip frames from the This & That: Love kit from several patterned papers, and tucked them under the top of my photo collage.

I just have to add, Sunday night I was sitting in the back of a large…large gathering of family and friends who’d come to see seven young men receive their Eagle for Boy Scouts. The parents of those boys had commissioned Tracy Aviary to bring an eagle to the Court of Honor. As they brought the eagle out, I was amazed at the amount of cameras popping up from the sea of people to take a photo. I love….love that we are at a place in our society where so many people visually record their lives–that so many people have a way to capture that moment of history.

We live in an amazing time.

 love it.