everyday storyteller blog hop + giveaway!

Hello! And welcome to the Everyday Storyteller 2 blog hop! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing ebook! And to be included with this wonderful bunch of  ladies too? So creative and talented? Wow! As most of my fans know, I'm super passionate about recording stories . . . but specifically our own story. We are mainly focused on recording the day-to-day and current events, which is great, but what about our personal stories? I know you all have quite a few to share! Having lost my mother a few years ago, I realized that I lost [...]

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it’s all about the photos

ETA: Due to popular demand, this is still going on through Tuesday. :) Warning: Get ready to sit back and relax and enjoy some reading. We've got a doozie of a day! We're gearing up for National Scrapbook Day here at KBS and want to help you get ready for it too! The most important part of what we do in this lovely little crafting universe is document our photos. And I'm all about making that process as easy as possible. For me? That's where photo templates come in to play. I love having a template, printing it out and [...]

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a quick reminder

Hey all! Just wanted to do a quick  reminder to let you know this sale ends Saturday. :) For more details on this class, use the link to the right.

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nyc | part 1

So about this time couple weeks ago I was in NYC, going off very little sleep. The 'trip' started off with a choir concert at the hight school from 6:00 until about 7:30. Then we had to be to the airport by 9:00 pm (it's a 40 minute drive). Needless to say that was a little crazy to have a concert right before leaving. Here's what it looked like at the airport. This is just our group--and not everyone at that! The entire Jet Blue airplane was ours. There were around 160 kids and 50 chaperones. There were maybe 20+ [...]

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say what 4: layle style

I was just amazed at how fast Layle whipped up this little work of art using the new Say What 4 kit! I loved that the kit inspired her to create this bit of awesomeness. :) [ Shapes | Say What #4 (titles) ] Just lovin' all that goodness together! Here's what Layle has to say: I just LOVED "Say What #4" the minute the email from Kerri popped into my inbox - so much so that I used not 1, but 2 titles from the kit in this layout!  I love the mix of cursive and print in the [...]

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there’s a new kit in town

So happy to finally have a new kit for y'all! More great titles to help you get ready for National Scrapbook Day in couple weeks! (And don't forget about The History Project sale--info in the previous post.) Lots of great shapes that you can use with the title or even for something else. I love maximizing art. :)  

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let’s get ready!

National Scrapbook Day is just two weeks from now and I believe in being prepared early! So I'm going to help you get ready for that day dedicated to recording memories with a bit of a fabulous kind of sale.  That's right. The History Project will be on sale through next Saturday. And after that? Who knows what else might be on sale to help you get going with your National Scrapbook Day madness! If you're like me, you want to go and have fun with all your crazy friends, but you wind up chatting more than you do creating. Creating [...]

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more easter goodness

We are on an Easter roll here this week so far! More springtime fabulousness from our darling Miss Nichol! [ Shapes | This+That: Spring (chick) / Bloom ("easter", "eggs") / Design Team Picks (thought bubble) / Life Additions #2 (file folder) ] Oooooh, the layers...the layers...and the layers. Always scrumptious!love. Here's what Nichol has to say:   One of my favorite die-cutting techniques is to use multiple shapes on one page to create maximum effect. I die cut 11 file folders from different patterned papers and then embellished each almost as an individual "page" and then adhered them to my page background. I intentionally left [...]

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‘vintage’ easter with a modern look

I would not consider myself to be 'vintage' in any fashion (no pun intended). Yet, my youngest daughter loves wearing my 'vintage' clothing from the 80s. What??? Thirty years can't be vintage, can it? Well, just like Jordan, Naomi has made something modern looking using something vintage--a photo of her and her brother at Easter in 1985. [ Shapes | Bloom (easter) / odds AND ends (here+now) / This+That: Spring (bee) / All About You (me&) ]  I love all the mix of shapes she used here....all the layers and such...they all look fabulous together!   Now Naomi...we will never [...]

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sing. sing. sing.

Hey all! Just poppin' in real quick today. I've been gone the past week with my hubby to chaperone my daughter's high school choir. They sang in Carnegie Hall Saturday night. It was spectacular! They 'closed the show' and as one stranger told us 'I can see why they saved you for last.' Here's their performance so you can hear it too. Of course, nothing can compare to being in that hall and all the richness it provides. It was amazing...just amazing. They are singing 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.' Life will get back to normal soon. Lots of [...]

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