May 3 is not too far away. Been a-wonderin’ what you’ll see with the new Everyday Storyteller ebook? Well, here’s a peek for ya!

And when it comes time to purchase the book on May 3? If you purchase it through THIS LINK, you’ll receive a $10 gift card from me to my store.  And while you’re waiting for the release/purchase of the book, sign up for the free VIP email list HERE so you can be in the know with all the fun stuff going on for the release of the book!

You can use it towards the purchase of The History Project (speaking of storytelling), get yourself some photo templates, or have some fun with some digital cut shapes!

To qualify for the gift card, send me an email at with your PayPal Transaction ID from the book purchase (using the link on my site) and I’ll get you on your merry way!