National Scrapbook Day is just two weeks from now and I believe in being prepared early! So I’m going to help you get ready for that day dedicated to recording memories with a bit of a fabulous kind of sale. 

That’s right. The History Project will be on sale through next Saturday. And after that? Who knows what else might be on sale to help you get going with your National Scrapbook Day madness!

If you’re like me, you want to go and have fun with all your crazy friends, but you wind up chatting more than you do creating. Creating sometimes takes too much thought for me and I never can seem to bring the right stuff–not to mention I don’t like having to carry the whole arsenal of supplies I’d like to use. With The History Project you can cut or print your titles before hand, bring a notebook or a computer and type up your memories. It might even be fun to do as a group and you can all reminisce together…spark those memories!

Now you can get all your supplies and be ready for that first Saturday in May and have a worry-free time at your scrappin’ party!

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