So about this time couple weeks ago I was in NYC, going off very little sleep. The ‘trip’ started off with a choir concert at the hight school from 6:00 until about 7:30. Then we had to be to the airport by 9:00 pm (it’s a 40 minute drive). Needless to say that was a little crazy to have a concert right before leaving.

Here’s what it looked like at the airport. This is just our group–and not everyone at that!

The entire Jet Blue airplane was ours. There were around 160 kids and 50 chaperones. There were maybe 20+ people that had to take another flight.


Just a little happy to go to NYC. Jordan has been friends with these guys for years. The girl she’s known practically her whole life…since elementary school and the boy she’s been in plays with for several years. All seniors.



So we took the redeye to NYC and I sat in a middle seat. Needless to say I got very little sleep. We arrived at JFK around 6:00, loaded up four buses, and headed into the Big Apple. Our first stop? Breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe. These are four of the girls that I chaperoned. We (me+two other ladies) actually had another four, but these four were our daughters– as friends they chose to room together.


We got a little bus tour while heading over to Battery Park. I think most of the kids fell asleep. The chaperones were sitting up front so it was much easier for us to stay engaged. Although I do think I may have drifted off about ten minutes before we got to Battery Park.

The funny thing the chaperone said, as he was showing us the LDS Manhattan Temple, was his reference to ‘Captain Moron-ee’ on top of the temple. As a bus full of LDS people, a couple of us let him know it was pronounced Moroni (Mo-ron-eye). He’s said, ‘Are you sure? I’d heard it was Moron-ee’ Um yeah. We were sure. :)

At Battery Park we took a boat cruise around the harbor to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We couldn’t  get off on the island due to Hurricane Sandy. But it was still lovely to see closeup.


After the boat ride, we headed to do a little sight-seeing. I found a little springtime in New York.


And we saw Wall Street.


About half of us walked to Canal Street. Somehow the logistics of this got totally messed up and we were walking forever to get there. Only had maybe 15 minutes of actually being there before we were off. This day was our first taste of keeping a big group together. It was pretty crazy as people would lag behind between lights and such. Hindsight . . . we should have done things differently.


Eventually we made it to Ground Zero. The one half of the group had gotten there on time to tour St. Paul’s Cathedral. Our group had people who got lost and we had to get caught up. I told you it was crazy.

But it was amazing to see it like this. I had been there in 2006 when it was just concrete hole in the ground. They’ve done a beautiful job at making the memorial there.


After Ground Zero it was time to do dinner, so back to the buses and off to the hotel. As we were waiting for 200 people to congregate in the hotel lobby, I saw a person walk by with an umbrella. Me, being in my capris and sandals because it was 77 that day, asked if ti was raining and should I go change into other shoes and get my coat and umbrella (that I’d actually forgotten). Jordan runs out to the sidewalk, holds up her hands and says, ‘It’s not raining!’ So, off we went to Planet Hollywood, which was just a few short blocks away.


sprinkle. sprinkle. spatter.


more rain.

hard rain.

complete downpour with thunder + lightning!

We were all drenched! And me, in my t-shirt and  brand new Born sandals that I’d picked up at TJ Maxx in Tampa for half of what they normally cost. Yes, they’ve been stretched a little.

Here are the girls in the aftermath.

I, on the other hand, do not look good when wet.

(A little sidenote here. The girl in the red coat was Cinderella in the high school play and Jordan was the wicked step mother.)


The next morning, the Chamber and Con Brio (all women) went to sing at Christ Church United Methodist. This was while we were waiting.


And this was the view inside. Beautiful! The sound of the voices was amazing!

After that we got to have a day of  our own bit of sight-seeing. Being the LDS bunch that we were, our group of  girls  (among many other kids) wanted to go to the temple and do some temple work. It was an amazing experience for them!


After the temple, our group hopped in a couple taxis and headed to Serendipities. The funny part of this is that we’d grabbed one across the street and the other half had grabbed one back by the temple. One of the moms went to cross the street to get into the other taxi and saw there wasn’t room and came to get in our taxi and we’d already started to take off around the corner. Our window was rolled down and all of a sudden she reaches in and grabs my arm as he’s rounding the corner and is yelling, ‘Stop! Can I go with you?!’ It was really funny…but maybe you had to be there.

This was Jordan’s first taxi ride.

 I don’t remember where I took this picture  of me+J, but I thought it would be fun to throw it in here. ;)


There were fourteen of us crammed around 2 little round tables, all looking at these monstrous menus! After we ordered, and the people had left long table across the other side, we asked if we could move. It was so much better! I took this photo with the Panorama feature on my iPhone.


I think I need to go back just to try all the desserts!  Or maybe Salt Lake should get a Serendipities. We had the Frozen Hot Chocolate at the suggestion of one of the moms. It was delightful!

And this was lunch. It was divine. Hello bacon! And hello lettuce! Leafy on top and leafy below. It was yummy!

After lunch, we (dan, me, jordan+friend) went back to the hotel so the girls could shower so they could look good for Wicked that night. A lovely couple of free hours. The only quiet two hours we had.

After dinner at Ellen’s Starlight Diner–where the servers karaoke sing and the kids sang+danced with them, we did a little quick shopping around Time Square before heading off to see that marvelous Broadway Show, Wicked!

This was our view from the balcony. Hey, we’re with 160 high school students. I really wasn’t bad though at all.

That sad part of this night is one of the moms got pick pocketed. She’d had her iPhone out–and we’d all been warned–and she just put it in her purse with it open. When several of them got together to take a photo, some random guy came up and was ‘joking around’ about wanting to be in the pic. He kept bumping up against her and she was kind of bugged by it. Turns out, he had his eye on her phone and stole it. She didn’t know it until later that night when she went to look at her photos. Sad.

And that sums up the first two days. I’ll share the next couple days here soon…I hope. ;)