ETA: Due to popular demand, this is still going on through Tuesday. :)

Warning: Get ready to sit back and relax and enjoy some reading. We’ve got a doozie of a day!

We’re gearing up for National Scrapbook Day here at KBS and want to help you get ready for it too! The most important part of what we do in this lovely little crafting universe is document our photos. And I’m all about making that process as easy as possible.

For me?

That’s where photo templates come in to play. I love having a template, printing it out and then accentuating + journaling around it. Photo templates help us keep the focus on where it needs to be . . . the photos. I love the way the block of photos look on a page. It’s clean. It’s easy to see the photos. And with photo templates, you can easily swap photos around without having to worry about sizing or cutting a thing.

That’s sweet.

So for today not only do we have a brand new photo template kit, but we also have a free photo template . . . that’s free for today only. Then it goes into the store where you can purchase it for .99.

So let’s take a look at the new kit!

As usual, each template has a frame with both straight edges or rounded edges. Want a thicker frame? Simply add a stroke to that layer. Lots of fun designs to play with too!

And speaking of playing with it, I just had to add some photos of my own to it. If you’re a fan on Facebook, you’ll have seen that my daughter went to her very last prom on Saturday. I thought they would be excellent to put into a storyboard.

Just thought I’d mention here that Jordan (and I) made her boutonniere. Jordan didn’t think to order it until Friday and the place we  normally buy it from only had red roses left. Well, as you can tell red wouldn’t do. So we went to the grocery store and they had nothing in the rose category either. It was prom for two high schools and BYU graduation, so pickin’s were slim. So we bought a potted plant of white flowers and the florist at the store gave us a little baby’s breath and we brought it home, wrapped it with some ribbon and voila!

Oh, and Jordan is wearing some earrings that I bought while in Ireland a few years ago along with a hair comb that belonged to her great grandmother (on Dan’s side). She’s also wearing her grandmother’s (my mom) ‘J’ pin. A very vintage girl . . . and he dressed pretty retro too. They were the talk of the prom . . . everyone loved their look.

Oh, and another funny little story. In the photo where they are walking to his *ehem* BMW, there is a neighbor in red in the background (you can hardly see him). But he yells over to Jordan “Don’t let him just kiss you! Make him work for it!” Luckily Jordan and this kid are good friends so it wasn’t awkward. ;)

And now, here’s the freebie template.
Remember, you can download it for free today only.


To download it, click on the image or click HERE.

This file is no longer free, but you can purchase it in the store.


But that’s not all the fun for today. Check it out!

That’s right . . . all photo templates are on sale today–and today only. So if you want to get stocked up, today would be that day. :) And when I say ‘all’, that includes the brand new template today too. Woo hoo!

To see all the templates available, click HERE.

And just when you thought today’s post couldn’t get any better, check out what Laura Vegas did with photo templates.



[ Shapes | Happy (quote) / Storyboard: Instagram Style ]

I think this is a wonderful idea! 
It would make a great mother’s day gift too.

Here’s what Laura has to say:

This was a project that has been on my to-do list for quite a while now. I have worked as a daycare provider in my home for 11+ years now, and have been lucky enough to take care of lots and lots of adorably cute kids over those years. I take tons of photos of them, and make tons of layouts with those photos. But I have been wanting to put something together that shows each and every one of those kids together, in one spot. When I saw Kerri’s new Storyboard: Instagram Style templates, I knew they would work perfectly for what I had in mind. I picked up an inexpensive black 12″ x 36″ frame, knowing that I could stack three 12″ x 12″ photo collages inside.
The hardest part of this project was finding the photos of each child, and also choosing just ONE photo of each child to use. I only had 3 kids that I wasn’t able to find photos for, so in the end, I ended up with 31 kids to fit into my collages. I filled one template completely, and I filled the top two rows of the second template, and the bottom two rows of the third template. Once I had the three collages printed (I send them to Costco) and stacked together, that left me with a 12″ x 12″ area to fill in. I kept the design super simple, since this will be hanging in the playroom, which is right at the front of the house. I choose the “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” quote because quite simply, it makes me happy! It’s also a very common song around this place, since so many of my toys seem to play it ;)




It’s going to be a fantastic week here, so make sure you spread the word to everyone so they can get in on all the fun and preparation for a fabulous NSD Saturday!