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May 31st, 2013|nichol magouirk, pages, project life|

Before jumping into today’s project, just thought I’d share this photo with y’all. Yesterday the last of the Bradford crew graduated.

It’s crazy. No more kids in school. College, yes. But the weekly school and activities? Done.

Congratulations Jordy girl! You did it!

And now, here’s a bit of Project Life goodness from our lovely Nichol.

[ Shapes | You Are HerePossibility For JoySliders / This Moment Captured / Say What #4 (“You Should Know This”) / Life Additions Weeklies #2 (“week”) / Star BackgroundThirty One Days (“eighteen”) / Need Directions (arrow frame, “love it” with arrow, “we did this”) / Design Team Picks (“seriously”) / Life Additions #2 (file folders, “every picture tells a story”) / Life Additions #1 (Mon-Sun) / Say What #3 (“today” arrow) ]

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

With all the amazing die cut shapes available in the Kerri Bradford Studio Store you can create almost any type of page your heart desires! Lately I have especially been drawn to anything pertaining to Project Life and Kerri has so many designs that work perfectly for this type of scrapbooking as well as traditional scrapbooking! I began my project by designing how I wanted my 2 page spread to look in the Silhouette Software then I planned my photos/journaling and began die cutting all the elements for my page. The base for each pocket is a KBS die cut and then I layered either photos, journaling or additional embellishments or stamping to make the page pop. 
In several instances I customized Kerri’s shapes to work for my particular page by removing the heart from one of the Sliders frames and replacing it with text from another kit, etc. Don’t be afraid to pull apart the shapes and customize them to make them work for you!

Here’s a look at how I started my Project Life Spread in the Silhouette Software:

As I began putting my PL spread together, I needed to rearrange certain elements and I left out a couple of die cuts as well but the overall look is basically what I imagined right in the software!

Wowza! Talk about some eye candy! Love how she used so many of the Sliders and file folders on this. Fabulous look!


pardon me, do you have a tissue?

May 30th, 2013|digital shapes, freebies, projects|

Are you familiar with Crafts Unleashed?
It’s a wonderful resource for sooooo many crafting ideas!
The girls over there are just crazy with their creative goodness!

So a little while ago, Miss Shaunte Wadley  had a fun idea and asked if I could help her out.
Well of course I said yes!
She wanted a mini tissue box digital cut file to play with and I was happy to oblige.

You want a sneak peek of her idea, you say?



To see the whole enchilada and instructions,
run on over to Crafts Unleashed HERE.

Oh, and you want the file too so you can play with it and make what she’s made?
Shees. You don’t ask for much. ;)

HERE it is…for free…forever, just for you.

Now go. Run on over to Crafts Unleashed and take a walk through their site.
See what fun things you’re gonna wanna make.


create a sports album

May 29th, 2013|laura vegas, pages|

Hey everyone! Just popping in really quick to share a fabulous sports book idea from Laura! I should do something like this for Jordan for drama, but considering she graduates on the morrow, I think I’m a little late in the *ehem* game for that. ;)

[ Shapes | Weathered Door Alphabet [All] / Decade: 2000 / twentyTEN / twentyELEVEN / twentyTWELVE / twentyTHIRTEEN / A Beautiful World / Touchdown / The Ol’ Ballgame / School Years: Add-Ons / Graduation ]


Here’s what Laura has to say:

I was recently asked to put together an album for a graduating senior as a gift from her parents. There were a few reasons that I couldn’t say “no” to taking on this big project. This senior went to the same high school that my daughter Alyssa goes too. Alyssa and this senior played on the varsity soccer team together this year. And this senior’s dad had saved all of the newspaper clippings from her high school sports years and wanted to do something special with them, and I think that is pretty cool! This album is almost all newspaper clippings, with the exception of a few photos from “Senior Night” at the last soccer game of the year. This album is also ALL cardstock and patterned paper. No embellishments or bulky items of any kind.

I started this album by organizing all of the clippings by year and putting them in order date wise, and then adhering them to my background papers. I then went through all of Kerri’s kits, as well as my Silhouette library, pulling out any shapes, words, and phrases that I thought would fit in with the sports theme. Kerri’s new Weathered Door Alphabet kit came at just the right time, as I was short on sports words and had planned on creating my own. I just love the chunkier font and slightly distressed look of the Weathered Door Alphas, and they have just the right look for the sports pages. After collecting an assortment of shapes, I went page by page and choose words and phrases that fit in the space I had on that particular page. I filled in the rest of the empty spots with cut soccer balls, volleyballs, and a variety of stars. I don’t think I have ever cut this many pieces for any project and I truly gave my Cameo a workout. But once this graduating senior and her parents saw the completed album, I knew it was all worth it.
I’m sure they did love it Laura! What a great piece of her life!

happy memorial day

May 27th, 2013|nichol magouirk, projects|

We’re celebrating the Memorial Day holiday here in fine fashion today . . . no pun intended. Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit of a pun.

I about dropped my jaw to the floor when our lovely Nichol showed me this addition to her holiday dress form.

[ Shapes |  This & That Freedom (patriotic banner) / Stars & Stripes (star with wavy lines hanging, star) / This & That Autumn (sunflower) / Design Team Picks (rolled flower) / Silhouette Class Extras: Oh The Places You Will Go (flower) ]

You may remember her Valentine version of it HERE.

I think that’s a perfect decoration to put on display from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. Unless you’re in Utah, then you can leave it up even longer through Pioneer Day at the end of July. ;)

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

A few months back I designed a feathered love-themed skirt for a wire dress form I’ve had for years and used as decoration in my home. I designed the paper skirt in a way that it could be removed and stored away after Valentine’s Day and this is why…. I wanted to be able to create a multitude of seasonal “attire” for my dress form!

To celebrate the summer season, Independence Day and Memorial Day I used the adorable layered patriotic banner in the This & That Freedom kit, cut from red, white and blue patterned papers, then layered and glued to create a “ruffled” skirt. I used a wide paper waistband but from some flocked cardstock and added a fabric ruffle trim and embellishment at one side of the waist for fun dramatic flair. The layered vellum and glitter cardstock star design at the center of the embellishment is another Kerri Bradford shape that perfectly compliments the patriotic theme. I finished my dress form with a “necklace” of die cut paper flowers adorned with brads or buttons.


Totally love.


And now, I’ve been reflecting on what Memorial Day is all about. Remembering those that have passed on. Taking some time to remember them and the good times. I was also looking through some of the photos of my mom’s funeral and thought I’d share a couple of my favorite photos from that day.

I loved the flowers on her casket. They were simply beautiful.

There was also a torrential downpour that occurred only while we were at the church eating at our luncheon–not before while we were at the cemetery and not after when we went back to the farm. But because of the storminess, it provided some incredible sky and I took this photo that’s always been one of my favorites.


Anyway, I hope that wherever you are you are enjoying time with your family and having a moment to talk about those that have passed and think of the fondly….and maybe laugh a little too. Tell some good stories. :)

in the spirit of giving things away

May 22nd, 2013|freebies|

So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I’ve been going through all my blankety-blank-blank scrapbook stuff–sorting through it, deciding what I should keep, give to friends, sell, donate to my teacher friends and school…and all that sort of stuff.

So in the spirit of giving things away, because it’s been a while since I had a plain ol’ freebie, here is a freebie for y’all!

And because I couldn’t decide if I liked it with or without the flourish, I figured I didn’t have to decide. Just include them both!

This a 3×4 card that you can use with Project Life or any other accent on your projects.

To download it, click on the image or click HERE.

a realization

May 21st, 2013|Uncategorized|

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Okay, more overwhelmed than usual, let’s say. ;) Somehow I’ve got too many major things going on in my life all at the same time. I’ve been having this feeling…this urge…this need…to simplify and focus on what really matters.

It’s just been constantly on my mind this past little while.

Then the other morning, I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and started perusing some sites–as I often do from the comfort of my bed. I was looking at blogs and being rather jealous (so to speak) at how much they are able to put into it themselves. Something I feel I’ve been lacking. And I just thought:

Now I don’t think of this in any kind of selfish tone. What I mean is, I need to focus on what’s most important for me and my life and put my efforts there and limit them elsewhere–or spread those occurrences out anyway. ;)

What’s most important to me is:
   My Family
   My Business
   My Home
   My Church callings

I feel so broken apart and scattered all over the place, that I’m not able to fully put the important part of ‘me’ into what’s important to ‘me.’

So how do I do that? 

Well, I think once I get my office back to where it should be, get my house cleaned and in order for company for graduation, and I get my new website up and rolling? That will be a huge start.

But what’s next? What do I see happening in the future?

Besides the personal life, on the business side of things I see new classes in the near future. I see a Friday Freebie every Friday this summer (yep, it’s true). I see more examples from me. I see more kits. I see balancing all that with keeping up with my home and family and church.

And that’s where I need to be. 


new kit: weathered door alphabet

May 18th, 2013|digital shapes|

A few years ago I made an alphabet. Yes, it’s true. My reason for making it changed and I never used it. But you may remember seeing it on these pages.



So it’s been sitting here on my computer for some time  and now I’ve finally made it into a cuttable set of files! I wanted to call it something representative of me and what I love and of course my mind went to our family farm. I thought about how things get weathered and worn there an decided to call it Weathered Door (thinking of the old yellow house). And, oddly enough, when I asked Kassidy what I should call it–what it made her think of to look at it–she said chipped paint. Perfect!

You can get it in of two ways. If you’re just fancying the ruggedness of the letter and that’s really all you want, you can buy just that.


But if you like a layered look, with a solid underside and an outlined top–or if you want to mix and match your letters, you just may want the whole enchilada. Plus, you do save buy buying all three together.

Now while there are distressed fonts out there, this was made with the intention of having it cut on a machine, so it’ll give you the look of a roughed-up letter without so many jigs and jags that a distressed font may have–sometimes shredding your paper.

And just to be clear, these are cuttable files, not a font in its technical term. But they do come in PNG format, so you can add them to a digital page or project as well. If you purchase the three-style version, each letter–upper and lower–in those three styles are saved in one file together. If you buy just the single style, both letters–upper and lower–are saved in one file. It also has numbers and characters. Ya just gotta have those too. :)

this moment captured

May 17th, 2013|naomi atkins, pages|

Loveliness, thy name be Naomi. 
Take a look at what she’s made!

[ Shapes | This Moment Captured (title+camera) / Frames (Sliders) / Banner (Borderlines #2)


Love everything about this…the banner, the layered frames, the photo…all of it.
(And I sort-a wanna have that ruler background she used too. ;) )


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i have returned

May 16th, 2013|Uncategorized|

Woooooweeeee….. It’s been a crazy past few days (well couple weeks, really. :)). This morning my eyes are swollen and my feet are swollen and all I want to do is just lay around.

We left for HSN on Monday and if you follow me on Facebook, that started off with a bang when I lost my crown late the night before. So I had to go get that fixed before noon…along with all the other errands and packing that needed attending to.

Lots of ‘behind the scenes’ craziness and mayhem that always seems to accompany the HSN shows. But Lisa was super happy to see her new set, which included her new logo. Looks awesome, eh?

Lisa brought Collin to enjoy some Florida sunshine with her before he leaves for his mission in a few short weeks. 

Lisa was really sweet to accommodate my desire to see Jordan’s very last choir concert last night. To do that, I had to fly out of Orlando–rather than Tampa–to catch an early afternoon flight. Lisa and Collin were going there anyway for an extra few days, but it is an hour and a half away, so we had to book it after her 9:00 show to get to the airport on time.

All was well and I made it an hour before take off.

All I wanted to do was sleep on the plane because I was soooo tired, but it was not in the cards for me as a toddler was crying and screaming just behind me….for two hours. I usually try to have patience and understanding, but it was really difficult yesterday. All I wanted was some sleep. Headphones didn’t help either. Oh, and before the crying occurred, I had just drifted off for maybe ten minutes when the person next to me needed to get up and use the bathroom. Oy.

Then I reached Denver for my layover.

The 4:25 boarding time didn’t occur until almost 5:00–which was the take off time. While waiting, I see the lightening occurring out the window.

We got on the plane and  there’s no air blowing because apparently there’s something being fixed and they are trying to keep the noise down where they are working. Ugh.

After about 15 minutes or so we pull back away from the gate  . . . and then sit.

Another 15 minutes go by and we hear word that we can finally go out and taxi. That they had closed down all but one runway because of the weather and that all the planes that were circling were landing.

More time goes by as we sit on the tarmac and slowly roll here and there. Eventually I get to the spot where I can see (because I’ve got a window seat) the majorly long line of airplanes! I started counting, one, two, three ,four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…. and that was where I couldn’t see anymore but there were more in front of us and more behind the structures that I couldn’t see.

Then the captain comes on and says, ‘Folks, we’re about 20th in line for takeoff…..’ 

Oh my gosh!

So yeah, needless to say, our 5:00 takeoff time turned to 6:30, which resulted in me getting to my car by about 7:45 and only making it to the last two songs of the choir concert. We live 40 minutes away from the airport too.

I did see this on the way in though.

This is the Kennecott (or Bingham) Copper mine that they had to close down recently because of a landslide (in the middle-right of photo). Kind of cool to see a live birds-eye view of it.
So now I’m dragging and thinking about everything I need to start doing. Working and getting organized. Can’t wait to get rid of that pile in my front room! Pretty darn excited about that.

lucky duck

May 13th, 2013|layle koncar, pages|

I’d have to say I’m one ‘lucky duck’ to have Miss Layle have joined our team. She’s so amazingly talented! Check out what she’s made here:

[ Shapes | This+That: Lucky (title) / You Are Here ]

I love how she used the brand new ‘You Are Here’ in a sort of block form on the layout! It looks awesome!

Here’s what she has to say:

The ‘You Are Here’ symbol is so iconic – it’s amazing how something created not long ago to show people where they were on a map has now evolved into something instantly recognizable by the majority of the population, especially scrapbookers!  I was so happy to see Kerri create one for us to play with :)

Rather than use it in it’s traditional sense, I thought it would be fun to use it to draw attention to the fact that my youngest son was sandwiched between two of his (kissing) (girl) friends!  I tied my journaling in with the symbol –  ‘Sam – judging by the looks of things, ‘here’ was a pretty darn good place for you to be!’  In addition to the ‘you are here’ file, I also used the word ‘lucky’ from the This+That Lucky  kit along with some letter stickers to create the title ‘Lucky Duck’.   I don’t know about you, but HE sure looks like a lucky duck to me :)

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