I can’t believe it.

After just about three months of this whole remodeling process,
I finally have my cabinets and desk.

The biggest part of the remodel has been done for a month, and we’ve just been waiting and waiting for the furniture since then. We still want new windows and blinds, and still need to swap out the light fixtures, but these have been what I’ve been waiting for…and not very patiently, I might add. ;)

So here’s a picture of them when they first got dropped off at 11:00.

The guys dropped them off and then left for like three hours before coming back to install them. I’ve been without internet for most of the day. The cabinets on the right have roll-out drawers and will hold both my printers and all my modem and stuff like that. There are outlets in there too.

And this is a closeup of my desk. I got the idea from the web, but I had them add shallow drawers for all my scrapping essentials. Excited about that.

The cabinet will hold two shelves of 12×12 cardstock, so it’s higher than the usual cabinet.
They are maybe 4 feet tall.

I want simplification.

I’m scaling way back. There will be another set of rustic type drawers against the wall on the left eventually–whenever I find just what I’m looking for…or have made. I’m also going to be using old–or old looking–luggage and trunks that will look cool and decorative and yet hold some of those supplies that I won’t use often.

It’s still a work in progress and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to get to the office pile in the middle of my front room before I leave for Florida on Monday, but it’s progress. And I will show more pics as I put stuff in and show the organization of  it all.

I’m happy. :)