Today is a lovely day. It’s also bittersweet. While I have so many great women in my life like my mother-in-law and my stepmom–and I love them dearly, a girl would still just like to call and wish her own mom a happy mother’s day. It’s been…gosh…almost nine years since my mom passed away. And while every year is easier, there are some days, like today, when you just wish she were around.

One of my girls were asking me about missing my mom a few weeks ago. And I told her that it’s not that I think about her every day in the whole ‘missing’ factor, but rather, I often think, ‘Mom would have gotten a kick out of this’, like when I got to go to London with Lisa to do QVC. Or she would have loved seeing Zach give his homecoming talk. Or she would have loved taking photos with Kassidy. Or to hear that Jordan got to sing in Carnegie Hall.

It’s those moments she’s missing with us physically, although I’m sure she’s probably watching spiritually.

Still not quite the same though. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to wish all you wonderful women, no matter what stage you are in life, a wonderful day today. And if you have children or a mother, be sure to hug or call them today and tell them just how much you love them. I love my kids very much and regardless of the bickering that occurs (lol), I thank my heavenly father–and my kids–for giving me such wonderful kids. I love them and am happy to be their mom.

And now I just thought I’d leave you with this little collage of my mom–a little memorial, if you will, on Mother’s Day. Love you mom.


p.s. I know I must have photos of Kass with my mom, but the only one I could find at the time is the one of her, Jordan and their cousin walking down the path at Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon. One of my mom’s favorite places to be. And it’s one of my favorite photos.

p.p.s. this is a collage from storyboard #8. :)