I’d have to say I’m one ‘lucky duck’ to have Miss Layle have joined our team. She’s so amazingly talented! Check out what she’s made here:

[ Shapes | This+That: Lucky (title) / You Are Here ]

I love how she used the brand new ‘You Are Here’ in a sort of block form on the layout! It looks awesome!

Here’s what she has to say:

The ‘You Are Here’ symbol is so iconic – it’s amazing how something created not long ago to show people where they were on a map has now evolved into something instantly recognizable by the majority of the population, especially scrapbookers!  I was so happy to see Kerri create one for us to play with :)

Rather than use it in it’s traditional sense, I thought it would be fun to use it to draw attention to the fact that my youngest son was sandwiched between two of his (kissing) (girl) friends!  I tied my journaling in with the symbol –  ‘Sam – judging by the looks of things, ‘here’ was a pretty darn good place for you to be!’  In addition to the ‘you are here’ file, I also used the word ‘lucky’ from the This+That Lucky  kit along with some letter stickers to create the title ‘Lucky Duck’.   I don’t know about you, but HE sure looks like a lucky duck to me :)