Woooooweeeee….. It’s been a crazy past few days (well couple weeks, really. :)). This morning my eyes are swollen and my feet are swollen and all I want to do is just lay around.

We left for HSN on Monday and if you follow me on Facebook, that started off with a bang when I lost my crown late the night before. So I had to go get that fixed before noon…along with all the other errands and packing that needed attending to.

Lots of ‘behind the scenes’ craziness and mayhem that always seems to accompany the HSN shows. But Lisa was super happy to see her new set, which included her new logo. Looks awesome, eh?

Lisa brought Collin to enjoy some Florida sunshine with her before he leaves for his mission in a few short weeks. 

Lisa was really sweet to accommodate my desire to see Jordan’s very last choir concert last night. To do that, I had to fly out of Orlando–rather than Tampa–to catch an early afternoon flight. Lisa and Collin were going there anyway for an extra few days, but it is an hour and a half away, so we had to book it after her 9:00 show to get to the airport on time.

All was well and I made it an hour before take off.

All I wanted to do was sleep on the plane because I was soooo tired, but it was not in the cards for me as a toddler was crying and screaming just behind me….for two hours. I usually try to have patience and understanding, but it was really difficult yesterday. All I wanted was some sleep. Headphones didn’t help either. Oh, and before the crying occurred, I had just drifted off for maybe ten minutes when the person next to me needed to get up and use the bathroom. Oy.

Then I reached Denver for my layover.

The 4:25 boarding time didn’t occur until almost 5:00–which was the take off time. While waiting, I see the lightening occurring out the window.

We got on the plane and  there’s no air blowing because apparently there’s something being fixed and they are trying to keep the noise down where they are working. Ugh.

After about 15 minutes or so we pull back away from the gate  . . . and then sit.

Another 15 minutes go by and we hear word that we can finally go out and taxi. That they had closed down all but one runway because of the weather and that all the planes that were circling were landing.

More time goes by as we sit on the tarmac and slowly roll here and there. Eventually I get to the spot where I can see (because I’ve got a window seat) the majorly long line of airplanes! I started counting, one, two, three ,four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…. and that was where I couldn’t see anymore but there were more in front of us and more behind the structures that I couldn’t see.

Then the captain comes on and says, ‘Folks, we’re about 20th in line for takeoff…..’ 

Oh my gosh!

So yeah, needless to say, our 5:00 takeoff time turned to 6:30, which resulted in me getting to my car by about 7:45 and only making it to the last two songs of the choir concert. We live 40 minutes away from the airport too.

I did see this on the way in though.

This is the Kennecott (or Bingham) Copper mine that they had to close down recently because of a landslide (in the middle-right of photo). Kind of cool to see a live birds-eye view of it.
So now I’m dragging and thinking about everything I need to start doing. Working and getting organized. Can’t wait to get rid of that pile in my front room! Pretty darn excited about that.