happy memorial day

We’re celebrating the Memorial Day holiday here in fine fashion today . . . no pun intended. Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit of a pun.

I about dropped my jaw to the floor when our lovely Nichol showed me this addition to her holiday dress form.

[ Shapes |  This & That Freedom (patriotic banner) / Stars & Stripes (star with wavy lines hanging, star) / This & That Autumn (sunflower) / Design Team Picks (rolled flower) / Silhouette Class Extras: Oh The Places You Will Go (flower) ]

You may remember her Valentine version of it HERE.

I think that’s a perfect decoration to put on display from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. Unless you’re in Utah, then you can leave it up even longer through Pioneer Day at the end of July. ;)

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

A few months back I designed a feathered love-themed skirt for a wire dress form I’ve had for years and used as decoration in my home. I designed the paper skirt in a way that it could be removed and stored away after Valentine’s Day and this is why…. I wanted to be able to create a multitude of seasonal “attire” for my dress form!

To celebrate the summer season, Independence Day and Memorial Day I used the adorable layered patriotic banner in the This & That Freedom kit, cut from red, white and blue patterned papers, then layered and glued to create a “ruffled” skirt. I used a wide paper waistband but from some flocked cardstock and added a fabric ruffle trim and embellishment at one side of the waist for fun dramatic flair. The layered vellum and glitter cardstock star design at the center of the embellishment is another Kerri Bradford shape that perfectly compliments the patriotic theme. I finished my dress form with a “necklace” of die cut paper flowers adorned with brads or buttons.


Totally love.


And now, I’ve been reflecting on what Memorial Day is all about. Remembering those that have passed on. Taking some time to remember them and the good times. I was also looking through some of the photos of my mom’s funeral and thought I’d share a couple of my favorite photos from that day.

I loved the flowers on her casket. They were simply beautiful.

There was also a torrential downpour that occurred only while we were at the church eating at our luncheon–not before while we were at the cemetery and not after when we went back to the farm. But because of the storminess, it provided some incredible sky and I took this photo that’s always been one of my favorites.


Anyway, I hope that wherever you are you are enjoying time with your family and having a moment to talk about those that have passed and think of the fondly….and maybe laugh a little too. Tell some good stories. :)

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  1. […] One evening while perusing Pinterest I came upon a UK flag created from paper butterflies and I immediately knew that I wanted to recreate the effect on a canvas I’ve had sitting around here forever just begging for some die cutting goodness! After a lot of mistakes (thank goodness canvases are fairly forgiving and you can cover up boo-boos with an additional layer of paint, mist, gesso, etc.) I decided on a “wood-like” background with bright, colorful red, white and blue die cut butterflies making up the design of the American flag. Now, I didn’t get real technical with my flag. No 13 stripes (I ran out of room) and I didn’t do 50 “stars” either but instead I went for a more abstract artistic approach (read…I am lazy and had already cut the butterflies and didn’t want to waste them or more paper by cutting them smaller!). I know that the look was achieved when my youngest exclaimed as I was putting together the arrangement on top of the cabinet in the entryway, “I know what that is! It’s our flag! COOL!” While the look is fairly straightforward and simple…. the execution took a few hours! Gluing all those individual pieces in place and then the bright idea of adorning each with gemstones, buttons and baubles…. it took awhile. I glued every piece with a strong liquid adhesive so that I didn’t have to worry about the pieces deciding to make an exit anytime soon! The effort was worth it, though, and the sense of satisfaction of creating my own summer holiday decor made me super happy! I incorporated lots of older Doodlebug specialty paper that I’ve been hoarding saving for quite some time. The glitter cardstock and flocked cardstock cut beautifully on the Cameo when using a higher blade setting like a 5 or 6. Clean, crisp cuts. Not one of these fluttering beauties needed to be double cut! Happy Summer! For a closeup of Nichol’s holiday dress form, go HERE. […]

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