Ahhhh, that Miss Laura has been having some fun, I see.


Check it out . . .

[ Shapes | Sliders (frames) / Need Directions? (arrows) / Design Team Picks (‘seriously’ title) ]

Love the colors she chose and how she used the frames! And just how cute is that baby!

seriously. :)

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I’ve been wanting to use the cute little polaroid frame from Kerri’s new Sliders kit, and thought they would work nicely with these photos of one of my daycare kiddos. I chose the “Seriously?” title (a Design Team Pick), because I am constantly saying “Seriously Devon?” to him. If he’s not in my arms, or I am not within two feet of him, he screams and cries. I’ve been watching the little dude for over six months now, and it hasn’t changed. So it deserves a “Seriously???” at this point. Lol. While I usually love to have lots of dimension and texture on my layouts and love to mix in embellishments, every now and then it’s kind of nice to do a simple paper layout without all of the bulk.

Love it Laura!