Over the past little bit I’ve been stocking up on some photo apps. Okay, maybe ‘stocking up’ is a bit of an overstatement, but when you are fairly new to the iPhone world (finally got one in December), any multi purchase of apps is stocking up, right?

Not only that, when things are free or only $1.99 it makes it soooooo easy to just get it and play. That being said, I’m still particular about what I take up space on my phone with. :)

So this week I thought it might be fun to share some of these apps.

Here’s the first app that’s been tickling my fancy of late:

Camera Noir

This is my very most recent addition. Zach showed it to me after seeing it on Flipboard (another fun app). I took a gander at it on the App Store and decided it just looked too danged cool to pass up. It’s brand new so the initial reviews on it working weren’t exactly good. But it looks like within a few short days that they’ve already worked out some bugs. So far, I haven’t had any problem with it, but I haven’t taken photos with it…only modified ones that I’ve already taken.

It pretty much only does the B+W at three levels. So it’s not necessarily jam-packed with capabilities. But it’s pretty cool anyway. Sometimes less is more. :)

Here’s some before and after shots–straight out of the iPhone camera and using the Camera Noir app. Of course I had to use some NYC shots because I thought that just looked awesome with the city.


Is that just not the coolest??? It makes it look like you took it in the 40s or something. And just for the sake of showing it on something other than a city shot…here ya go:


me likey.