a crafty computer sleeve

This spring I bought this darling yellow bag from TJ Maxx whilst in Tampa. Love it. I've not been a big purse user of late and can often be found just carrying my debit card, driver's license and phone in my pockets. But I still love--and need--a purse now and again. And who can say no to this! Love it. Makes me ever-so happy. :)Not only is it a great functional purse, but it also perfectly fits my 13" MacBook Pro. It's accompanied me a time or two on a trip where I needed to take my computer. Okay, let's face [...]

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let freedom ring

I can tell you right now, I'm kind-a glad 'freedom' had to stop ringin' by this past Saturday night. In the state of Utah we are a firework-shootin' state for a good chunk of July. Ya got the 4th and then we have the 24th, which is our state holiday. Not so happy to hear fireworks going off at 12:30 at night when ya wanna sleep, ya know? But then you see something like this from Nichol and it makes ya just tickled pink for letting freedom ring, doesn't it? [ Shapes |  This & That: Freedom (fireworks, uncle sam [...]

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friday freebie  |  frame…with a twist of line

The Summer of the Friday Freebie continues today with this totally fun frame. It's got the look of a Polaroid, but with a 'twist of  line'. ;) I'm totally digging negative space these days, so this just hits the spot for me.  To download this frame, click on the image or click HERE. And to showcase the frame, I had to use the cute photo of my daughter that I shared on Facebook the other day. If you missed it, this is the photo (only headshot-ish) that she's using for her [LDS] mission papers, which should be going in very [...]

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the random memory moment

In the History Project I talk about memory flashes. Those tiny little bits of a memory that flashes in your head when you hear a song, or smell a flower, or see something that reminds you of 'the time....' These types of things need to be written quickly, because as fast as they come into your head, they can leave and never return. That's when you need to record this random memory moment. I recently had one of those. Okay....so maybe I actually have them a lot considering my mindset on this History Project coupled with the fact that we [...]

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quick card ideas

Needing a fun and fresh idea for some quick cards? Well, look no further. Check out what Laura has made with the Sliders shapes!   [ Shapes | Sliders (frames)/ Summer Lovin' (hello) / Say What #3 (happy) / Design Team Picks (hello, thanks), This+That: Summertime (butterfly) / This+That: School (house) / Love: Every Little Thing (flower) / 'Home' Freebie ] Those are so awesome! I love the variety and simplicity behind them. You could whip these up to have on hand in no time. Perfect, just perfect Laura! Here's what Laura has to say: I wanted to whip up a [...]

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and the winners are . . .

Jill Letempt - JULY 20, 2013 - 11:09 PMHi I am a huge fan!! I am from Sheridan WY and I love my cameo, my favorite feature is being able to size things to fit in just the right spot. Thanks for the awesome contest…can’t wait for the class. Hilary - JULY 21, 2013 - 1:48 AMHi. I’m from the UK, currently living in Malaysia, moving back to the UK in 3 weeks. Betcha can’t guess what’s going in my case and not my shipping? Yep, my Silhouette – i love it THAT much, because it can create virtually anything I want. [...]

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announcing: design secrets

I can't even tell you just how excited I am to bring you this new class!It's been a long time coming, that's for sure. ;) I've never done anything like this class either.I'm actually sharing my personal designing secrets.Tricks I've never shared with anyone.  . . . until now. You'll learn how to make titles come together beautifully. You'll learn how to utilize Silhouette Studio for your designing pleasure. You'll learn how to maximize your art. And so much more. And of course there's always the freebies, right?Gotta have the freebies.That's at least a $10 value right there! This is [...]

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friday freebie  |  globe

Summertime is often filled with summer vacations. So in the spirit of the Summertime Friday Freebie,here's a little globe for you to use on your travel pages! To download it for free, click the image or click HERE. And then here's a twist for it . . . Use the Hello Adventure freebie on the globe! Or, add the name of the state or place you are going along with a star. Lots of fun possibilities with this one!

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fresh picked summer goodness

If there's one thing summer is known for, it's fresh fruits and veggies. Seriously. Is there anything better than a fresh picked apple or tomato or red potatoes dug up from the garden? Or if you don't have your own garden, do you hit the local farmer's markets just to have that sweet taste of something so fresh, that buying them in the store just isn't really worth it? I guess that's why when Naomi showed me her page, I could soooo totally relate. Being able to pick off a fresh strawberry or gather raspberries to put on some ice [...]

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