the random memory moment

In the History Project I talk about memory flashes. Those tiny little bits of a memory that flashes in your head when you hear a song, or smell a flower, or see something that reminds you of ‘the time….’

These types of things need to be written quickly, because as fast as they come into your head, they can leave and never return. That’s when you need to record this random memory moment.

I recently had one of those. Okay….so maybe I actually have them a lot considering my mindset on this History Project coupled with the fact that we seem to be going through a lot of my mom’s stuff lately .(Yeah, it’s been nine years since she passed, but the stuff keeps coming.)

Anyway, my sister found some boxes of dishes that belonged to my mom and this glass was in one of them.

I don’t really remember these glasses from my mom, but rather, my aunt had some similar glasses and that’s where the flash came–that random memory moment.

When I lived with my aunt in North Carolina she had several types of plates and goblets and every Sunday we got to pick from these special sets of dishes and use them for Sunday dinner. She had some glasses similar to this and it just reminded me how fun it was to pick a different set of fun patterned dishes and crafted glasses for that extra special meal…every week.

It makes me wish I’d have started that tradition with my own family. Why didn’t I ever think about doing that? 

So next time you have a memory flash, be sure to take a couple minutes to just write it down–even if it’s just a couple sentences on your smartphone, because chances are you won’t remember it later. And if it’s something you can take a photo of to help the memory? Do that too.

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