This spring I bought this darling yellow bag from TJ Maxx whilst in Tampa. Love it. I’ve not been a big purse user of late and can often be found just carrying my debit card, driver’s license and phone in my pockets. But I still love–and need–a purse now and again.

And who can say no to this!

Love it. Makes me ever-so happy. :)
Not only is it a great functional purse, but it also perfectly fits my 13″ MacBook Pro.

It’s accompanied me a time or two on a trip where I needed to take my computer. Okay, let’s face it–I can’t leave home for more than a day without my computer so it’s been more than a time or two. But I’m always very careful with my things and do whatever I can to keep any marks from occurring on my silver baby.

Kassidy had made herself a crafty computer sleeve for her computer and so I enlisted her help to make mine. The look is all about being crafty + somewhat unfinished or raw.

So I went in search of some fabrics and found these two lovelies.

The chevron, which is a canvas-style material, was for the outside and the floral was for the inside. I found the chevron at Hobby Lobby (it comes in several fun colors) and the floral at JoAnn’s. I had seriously thought about getting the yellow chevron, but then thought it was too matchy matchy. But I don’t know, I still think it’d be fun in the yellow bag. Who knows. I may still end up with it just for variety. ;)

There is no pattern for this.  To start, trim one fabric to the size of your computer plus maybe an inch extra on each side and whatever excess for the top flap.

Depending on how much protection you want, include one or two layers of batting. I wanted mine not very thick because it was going in my purse. If I were to put it in a backpack like Kass does? I might have used two layers of batting like she did.  Kass also made the inside floral a smidgen longer so that it would peek out from under the chevron on the flap.

Pin it all together and get ready for sewing.

Stitch around the outside edges.
Again, ‘perfection’ doesn’t matter because it’s all about being homestyle. :)

Once it’s stitched, put the right sides together (chevron) and stitch it up. It’s okay that it’s uneven moving from the sleeve to the flap because it needs to flap over. Always keep double checking your project by having the computer handy.

Kass unstitched where the twine went–but you could plan ahead and have them in place before hand. Sew on the buttons first so that you’ll know just how long you need your twine.

Use a heavy zig zag stitch over the twine and voila you’re done!
This would be a really simple project for your kids too.

And actually, the computer sits down nicely in my bag–it doesn’t peek out like you see in the top photo. I just had to have it peeking so you could see the sneak. :)

Thank you Kassidy for making my computer nice and cozy in my bag now. :)