Ahhhhh. We love our Miss Laura Vegas, do we not? Laura has been here at KBS for two years now. What??? Girl? Really. Has it been that long?

Well, all I can say is that I’ve loved having you here for every single day. :)

Now, you just knew Laura would have something fabulous to share with us this week, didn’t ya.

Check it out.

[ Shapes | Storyboard 7 / Weathered Door [All] (‘party’) / Enjoy The Sunshine (sun) / Summer Lovin’ (‘pool’) ]

Oh my gosh! Look at all those photos on one page! That is my favorite thing about photo templates. Let’s you get so many photos nicely and neatly laid out on a page. Another great one Laura!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

When it comes to scrapbooking my girl’s birthday parties, it’s really all about the photos. That’s because there’s usually a TON of photos that I want to use, and I try my best to get as many on the pages as possible. This is where Kerri’s storyboard templates come in really handy. They allow me to get a large amount of photos onto a page, while keeping it looking clean an organized. For this layout about my youngest daughter Sarah’s 11th birthday party, I kept the overall design pretty simple. I had a group photo that I thought would look great enlarged, so I had it printed as an 8×12 and used that on the first page of the spread. I used a full 12×12 photo collage on the second page of the spread, which allowed me to use 14 additional photos. I absolutely love the look of using a cleaner block font along with a cursive font for my titles. I’ve been using Kerri’s Weathered Door alphabet kit a lot lately, and pairing it up with different cursive handwritten words from Kerri’s other kits to create my titles.


I thought it would only be appropriate to do a little flashback during this birthday celebration and share some really great things Laura has shared with us over the past two years. To see more details about each project, just click on the image and it will take you to the original post.


I think those tear-away envelopes are one of my very favorite shapes I’ve made
and I love how Laura used it here!

More great use of photo templates along with my very favorite tone-on-tone with the diecuts!

Love, love, love this idea!

This will be here before you know it.
Love the super-sized half spider web!

Lots of traveling going on right now.
Great idea!

Goodness gracious. There are just too many fun things to share!
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Thanks so much for all you do Laura! Love ya dearly!