This past week we did our annual girls camp. Love this time. Love spending some QT with my daughters and my dear friends–Lisa Bearnson + Kristy Banks–and their daughters.

It’s always an adventure and we never seem to have enough time. Games, food, laughing, crafting . . . it’s all good fun up in the mountains getting away from the cares of it all.

Of course we don’t rough it. Yes, there are 5th wheels with kitchens, showers, tvs and plenty of beds. But all that just adds to the glamping experience of it all. And how on earth would we be able to make these fun sweatshirts without my trusty Silhouette, heat transfer and an iron.

Everyone had black sweatshirts and a good chunk of them wanted the designs with The Deathly Hallows on the front and the ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ on the back–thanks to Jordan’s original request (she’s been waiting for it for a while too). It was a simple enough task for me to design and I think they turned out rather fun. I would share a photo of them wearing them, but considering we didn’t get to do them until late last night and I know that they won’t want me to post their ‘I just woke up and have been camping all week’ photo for thousands of people to see, we’ll just go with these. :)

(like i said, it was night when i was ironing.)

That phrase goes across the bottom of the backside of the sweatshirt and it looks so danged cute! Then they placed the Deathly Hallows symbol about 9″ wide on front. Lisa, who isn’t considered a Harry Potter fan, was seriously thinking about having one because they were just so danged fun!

I also designed these shirts for Kristy’s daughter and her little friend.

The phrase (that Kristy wanted) says, ‘My favorite number of the alphabet is purple.’ And the quirkiness of the whole thing was topped off by the fact that I only had white and green heat transfer, so we put ‘purple’ in green. (ha ha) And then we added their names on the back side.

So the whole time I was cutting these out, all I kept thinking was, ‘My readers will want this once I show it.’ :) Therefore, I bring  you today’s Friday Freebie!

To download it, click the image or click HERE.

This also includes just plain footprints so that if you wanted to
add your own phrase, you could do that too.

I just don’t think we got to spend near enough time. It just flies! So I guess for now I’ll just have to look at some photos like this one and dream of being there.

Until next year….