st. george

St. George Utah holds a special place in my heart. I spent many quick trips down there with my mom, visiting my grandparents while they were there during some winters  or just going to get out of the doom+gloom of winter whether they were there or not.  I even lived there for a short time and attended school at the junior high. We spent many times exploring the land with my grandpa, who worked in the Forest Service or for the Bureau of Land Management, identifying plant life and watching it all his life. I loved going on hikes with [...]

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my ‘digital’ mint+grey

As promised this week, here is my mint+grey page. The week was a little more wonky than expected and I am now off with my girls to St. George to see a couple plays for the weekend, so  it's the digital life for me today. :) [ Shapes | More Background Basics (circle background) / Here Kitty Kitty (title+cat) ] Well, I'm so excited to have some time with my girls before my one girl goes on her mission. Two Broadway-quality plays in a very scenic outdoor venue amongst the red rocks and shopping and good food? Weather should be [...]

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loved this.

Sometimes I just marvel at what we can do now in our own homes with paper crafting. I worked with Desiree Tanner at Provo Craft about fourteen years ago. I remember when they first came out with the lacy paper accents (Laser Layouts, if I remember right). It was an expensive process. And now we can do it ourselves? And let's not forget title making! Who remembers printing a title in reverse on cardstock and using scissors an x-acto knives to cut the out...just for the look of something unique. Now? Digital craft cutters? Ohhh, the ease of it all! [...]

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New Series: Mix+Match

I have been so excited about launching this new series of tutorials! A couple times a month or so I will be sharing a quick little tip on how you can utilize your resources and maximize your art. I'm a big fan of maximizing one's art. Huge fan. I love to see your goodies used in something other than the obvious way. So this is all about taking one item in your arsenal or from a KBS kit and mixing it with a completely different item and making something new. I'd also thought about calling this 1+1=fabulous, but thought Mix+Match [...]

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hello there . . . it’s a brand new silhouette class!

Can you even believe it! There's a brand new Silhouette class all on card making that is now open for registration! Class starts November 4, just in time for you to get ready for the holidays. I'm so excited to to teach you even more about using your Silhouette. To empower you to create and modify your own cardmaking to fit your needs? To put the skills of all that into your own two little hands? It tickles me pink! And not only that, the techniques you learn in this class can be applied to paper crafting in general, so [...]

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a little something for sunday

I just watched this video and found it utterly fascinating. The sheer talent and work that went into the making of all this. Plus, it was for John Mayer? All the more better. Yes, I'm a fan. :) And I love how he shares how he knows what he wants for his album cover, but just can't quite see anything that can be a frame of reference...but he'll know it when he sees it. I'm soooo like that! I thought I was the only picky one there. You have a vision for something (regardless of what it is) and if [...]

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it’s mint+grey day!

So last week I invited y'all to participate in a little mint+grey inspiration and then send them to me to share Well, welcome to Mint+Grey Friday! You all shared some wonderful creations! Check 'em out! Andi Walsh[ Shapes: Escape (road trip) / Design Team Picks (seriously) / 'Getting To Know' Mini Album Project ('Laugh' bingo card) ] Dawn NudiDawn is showing off her class skills here. She's used the 'just because' from the Designer Edition 1 class, and her new 'gradient' technique from the Design Secrets class.  Katie Lawton Katie Lawton Katie Lawton Rhadonda Sedgwick (ala digital style!)[ Shapes/PNGs | [...]

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and the answer is: sun valley

Which would make the winner Becky! Congratulations Becky! You were the only one to guess Sun Valley, Idaho!  I will email you withe details of your little shopping spree. Sun Valley is one of our favorite places to go. Dan loves to fish and I love to sit by the river, take photos, read a book...whatever tickles my fancy. We enjoy good food and beautiful scenery here. This year we took the Scenic Byway and headed on over to the Stanley area. They don't call them Scenic Byways for nothing! Holy cow! Take a look at these beautiful mountain ranges...including [...]

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giveaway and an iphoto ooh+aah moment

First off, I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a very nice, relaxing and scenic day. Which brings me to today's post. We got one of these goin' on . . . Where in the world is Kerri Bradford GIVEAWAY! Hubby and I took a little trip away for our birthdays. We'd almost planned a trip for New England in the fall, but then chose wisely and decided we needed to tuck that money away for Jordan to go on her mission. So we went some place within driving distance of our home in Utah (but may [...]

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you’re invited!

That's right! Today is my own little birthday party today and you are invited! This is a ONE-DAY ONLY sale, so be sure to have your friends stop by today too! The more the merrier, I always say! and in case you were wondering, i am 47 years young today.that's right. i can admit it. ;)

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