Hey everyone! Just popping in here to say that the brand new Design Secrets class has officially started with Lesson 1! We’ll have a lesson a day, rounding out the week on Friday with Lesson 5.

I’m having some email complications with this new store and can’t send out the ‘official welcome’ email just yet. It’s always something, right? So I wanted to come out here and officially welcome you to this new class where.

To access your class, simply log in to your account and choose My Classes. The message board is open too!

Additionally, because I upgraded my video editing software, it now saves the videos as an .MP4 file (like iTunes uses) rather than the previous .MOV file (a QuickTime file), which is suppose to be better. I have tested this on Windows and it appears to be working. But please email me at kerri@kerribradford if it’s otherwise for you. :)

Okay, I’m off to try working out that email kink.

Hope you enjoy today’s little introductory lesson. Tomorrow we get crackin’ on some good stuff!