Which would make the winner Becky! Congratulations Becky! You were the only one to guess Sun Valley, Idaho!  I will email you withe details of your little shopping spree.

Sun Valley is one of our favorite places to go. Dan loves to fish and I love to sit by the river, take photos, read a book…whatever tickles my fancy. We enjoy good food and beautiful scenery here.

This year we took the Scenic Byway and headed on over to the Stanley area. They don’t call them Scenic Byways for nothing! Holy cow! Take a look at these beautiful mountain ranges…including the Sawtooth Mountains which also look like the Tetons. (Pretty sneaky clue, eh? ;) )

While the weather was pretty cooperative, there was a thunderstorm that rolled in through as we were driving through the mountains. When we got to the top of the pass, we had this incredible view!


And this photo above would the Sawtooth Mountain range. Pretty amazing, right?

Dan also enjoyed doing some fly fishing in several places, including the famous Silver Creek.

And this was the one place that I actually pulled out my chair to relax. Taking a gander at A Beautiful Mess’ book whilst taking a gander at the beautiful scenery.

And then we can’t forget about the food. Glorious food! I think this was the most favorite thing that I ate…caprese bread. Divine.


I love exploring the art of doing nothing at all. It doesn’t happen often and I relish every moment when I can get it.

Sadly, there were some huge rainstorms going on for a couple weeks and it really messed up the fishing, so Dan didn’t catch anything. He had some nibbles and close encounters on Silver Creek, but the weather just really messed things up.

Still, we enjoyed our time. And I think we want to hit all the Scenic Byways in this country.

Love Sun Valley.

Tune in tomorrow for our Mint+Grey day! :)