I have been so excited about launching this new series of tutorials! A couple times a month or so I will be sharing a quick little tip on how you can utilize your resources and maximize your art. I’m a big fan of maximizing one’s art. Huge fan. I love to see your goodies used in something other than the obvious way. So this is all about taking one item in your arsenal or from a KBS kit and mixing it with a completely different item and making something new.

I’d also thought about calling this 1+1=fabulous, but thought Mix+Match had a better ring to it. ;)

So for today’s tutorial, it’s all about Lines+Letters.

Take a look!

And on a completely unrelated note, apparently my hosting site was having issues and so there were some account access problems in addition to my site being down all together. It appears we are back up on the blog side, but not on the store/class/message board side of things.

Please be patient with me on this. I’ve already gotten an ulcer over it this morning with everything going on with it. :)