St. George Utah holds a special place in my heart. I spent many quick trips down there with my mom, visiting my grandparents while they were there during some winters  or just going to get out of the doom+gloom of winter whether they were there or not.  I even lived there for a short time and attended school at the junior high.

We spent many times exploring the land with my grandpa, who worked in the Forest Service or for the Bureau of Land Management, identifying plant life and watching it all his life. I loved going on hikes with him as he’d carefully explain what this or that plant could do. If it could be a plant of sustenance, sickness, or remedy.

It was always an adventure.

And I’d have to say my number one place to go with him or my mom would be to Snow Canyon….and I think you can understand why.

How can you not love that view! And to walk around on those ‘petrified sand dunes’ is awesome! Especially as a child.

But for whatever reason, we just haven’t made it a point to take our kids there. Maybe it’s because it’s just a busy town and it’s hard to want to go there with their crazy roads and all. We did take them when they were younger, but only drive through on our way to California.

But Jordan wanted to go so Thoroughly Modern Millie desperately, so we went to see it there at the Tuacahn Theater outside of the city–right next to Snow Canyon, in fact. And not only did we see Millie, but we saw Mary Poppins.

 How awesome to see a play out here! This was the Mary Poppins set.

And this was the Thoroughly Modern Millie set.

All those  sections move around for the different scenes. It’s really quite impressive.

If you’ve ever seen the Broadway version of Mary Poppins, I’d love to hear what you thought of it. It was just a bit too twisted for us. I think because me and my girls are such die hard Mary Poppins fans, the difference was just too much for us. And some parts were like Mary Poppins on an acid trip. They did an excellent job, but when it doesn’t follow the storyline you know so well and only sing a few songs that you know, it kind of puts ya off kilter. But I know a lot of people love it. In fact, the lady sitting near us said to her friends that she loves this much better than the movie. What??? lol

But we all thoroughly loved Thoroughly Modern Millie. Very well done. Lots of laughs. Loved this one.

If you ever go to St. George, you must eat at The Bear Paw. It’s one of those local fabulous breakfast places. We had this little glass of hot chocolatey yumminess.

And this was breakfast. Yeah. Good stuff. And stuffed french toast too! Some vanilla concoction. And no, I did not eat all that! :)


We also did a little visit to the St. George LDS temple.

( by the way, other than adding a teenny bit of crispness to this, the photo has not been edited. i used the hdr feature on my iphone. pretty incredible sky, eh?)

The kids saw it up close when they were young, but mostly see it from the car on our way to California. This is the first time they can really remember being there though. That white building with the blue sky and the red rocks (not seen here) as the background is quite a site to behold.

And imagine it being lit up at night? It makes for quite a night-light. :) We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so when we would run down to St. George for an overnighter and my grandparents weren’t there to stay with, we’d sleep in the car and my mom parked right here in front of the temple. She would move the car around through the night, but felt the safety of being there. It was comforting.

We did lots of shopping and eating and just having a good time together. I think we should make it a yearly thing, but you will never catch me there in the summer when the daytime temps can get up to 110 degrees! Not my idea of fun. But the weather was perfect for us there this weekend! We left rain and snow down into the benches and got to sunny cooler weather. Perfect.

Here’s a few more shots from the trip . . . just for the fun of it. :)

It’s pretty amazing to see plant life growing in what ever nook and cranny of dirt it can find.