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October 31st, 2013|freebies|

Sometimes I still find it strange that our kids are too old for the traditional Halloween activities. Sure, they may still dress up, but the door-to-door-and-school-activities of it all has been gone by the wayside for a while. They grow up fast, do they not?

So, in the spirit of all things spooky+sweet, here are some decorative 3×4 cards for you to use as you please…in a plethora of color choices as well as ‘text only’ in black and white.

To download them forever free, click on the image or click HERE.

And then, just for fun, you could do something like this on a photo. Jordan went as Rosie the Riveter to school last Halloween and she took this little selfie…the only photo I have.

I just added a rounded rectangle border to the ‘October 31’ in Photoshop, erased around where the words are, and voila. Simple and sweet.

Now, if you want to grunge one up a little, there is a white grunge PNG background that we used in Design Secrets and Designer Edition One that you can bring into Silhouette Studio (or Photoshop) and so a little something like this:

So there is some fun to be had there. :) Of course you could use any grunge images, but if you’ve taken either of those two classes, you’ll have those on hand already.

And I thought it might be fun to share a few Halloween-ish titles or sayings that you could include on a page:

  • The weirdest people are the best people.
  • Trick or treat is not a greeting, it’s an ultimatum.
  • Come to the dark side. We have cookies.
  • Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!”
  • You say witch like it’s a bad thing.
  • Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.
  • Be the strange you wish to see in the world.

Whether you’re young or old, in costume or passing out candy, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! We’ll be doing our usual chili dogs for dinner and passing out candy to all the cute neighbor kids. Can’t wait to see what they wear!


(And because I’m getting asked, the handwritten Halloween word is from the October Thirty-One kit and the bat is from the This+That Halloween. The ‘happy’ is just a font I had. Easy to make if’n ya got the kits. )


haunted house

October 30th, 2013|nichol magouirk, pages|

Being gone a week and overworked before that, you might say that I’m a little unprepared for Halloween. I have no candy and no pumpkins. And yes, I know it’s the 30th. I wonder if there are any left.

But this morning I was greeted with a real treat. Something spooky from that wonderful Miss Nichol. A great way to showcase your decorations or a great ensemble to capture an entire set of Halloween memories.

Love, just love!

[ ShapesStoryboard Instagram Style (photo collage) / This & That: All Hallows Eve (pumpkin, web, bats) / October Thirty-One (‘haunted house’) / Weathered Door Alphabet / Family Banner (banner) / This & That: Halloween (candelabra) ]

(Notice how I refrained from using spooktacular. :) )

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

Banners don’t seem to be going anywhere and I am SO glad! I am loving that you can take the components from Kerri’s newest Family Banner Kit and use it for any kind of page you have to scrap! I took Kerri’s awesome Weathered Door Alphabet and made a “spooky” title/embellishment for my page featuring photos of our Halloween home decor this year.

I love decorating for the holidays and I also love seeing how the decor changes from year to year. Plus, when I go to put the decorations out next year, I can always reference my page for things I liked (or even things I didn’t!) to make the decorating process quicker!

Kerri’s photo templates, as always, helped me put together my page so much quicker and I was able to incorporate sixteen photos on a single page spread! I love that! This page design would look great using any season just by changing up the images and the title!

just in case you didn’t realize…

October 28th, 2013|Uncategorized|

…we are on the final countdown!

Class starts next week!

And come Monday night, the sale price goes away.
So if’n ya were wanting to take the class and save a few bucks,
you know what to do. :)


take advantage of the moment

October 26th, 2013|photography|

It’s early in the morning here in Florida and I guess I’d put my eight hours of sleep in, even though we’d had a good day at Harry Potter World + Islands of Adventure yesterday. Dan is going to have to build me my own HP world, by the way. My most favorite ride was flying around with Harry. It was pretty darn amazing. Felt like you were flying. Loved every minute.

Anyway, I just thought I’d take a quick moment to share a photo with you while everyone else is sleeping. We decided to eat at the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney and somehow stumbled along the Lava Lounge–same menu, you just sit on a deck outside over the water. Sounded lovely to me–and much better than the 2 1/2 hour wait for inside. We only waited about 15 minutes.

This was the view when we first walked in to sit down.



This beautiful sunset was in progress.

Of course I had to snap a couple photos, especially with the Wizard of Oz balloon up in the air. Beautiful photo. Happy + content with my little capture of the moment. But within about 5 minutes, it changed to this.

I had to take a picture, even though Jordan said I should just sit down because I’d already taken one. But…but…but…I had to do it and so my first beautiful photo was added to with an amazing photo. I wish the balloon was still up in the sky, but wow…what a sky! And water!

And really, I didn’t do anything to these photos but add a tiny bit of Oh Snap to make sure things were a little sharper. What you see is what we saw.

Absolutely breathtaking and I soaked up every minute of it.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to take advantage of a photo op, do not hesitate…even if you may be ’embarrassing’ your daughter. She was even impressed. ;)

we’re off to see the wizard!

October 22nd, 2013|Uncategorized|

Jordan and I are headed to Florida today to help Lisa with HSN and then to have a little fun seeing some of the sunny sights that Florida has to offer. Our number one place to go? Harry Potter World. We’ve been to Disneyland many times, so Disney World will be fun, but seeing the wonderful world of Harry Potter come to life? Very exciting.

So it’s going to be kind of quiet here on the blog, but if you want to follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram (kerribradfordstudio), I’m going to do my best to post in ‘real time’-ish. :)

Also, I will try to check emails, but I can’t guarantee it. I aaammm on vacationnnnnn….. ;)

jingle all the way

October 20th, 2013|digital kits, projects|

I know. My family should probably kill me. It’s not even November, much less December. But goodness gracious, if you want to stay ahead of the game, ya just gotta start early!

So here’s a jingly Christmas decor item to deck your halls…or a friend’s halls…or whatever the case may be.


This is suuuuper easy to make!

Here’s a list of the ingredients.
You just need five things: frame, paper, bells, vinyl and phrase.

First you need this kit,
which has that lovely little cut file in it. :)

It’s funny how things work out. I had this whole other idea in mind for how I wanted to arrange that phrase, but it just wasn’t clicking. So rather than stewing and fighting it, trying to make it work and hitting my head against the wall, I decided to try a different font and voila. It was just what I wanted and I didn’t even know it.

Cut this in vinyl (mine was 5.875″ high) and apply it to the glass frame mentioned below. I used fuzzy (flocked) vinyl, but then when I went to find it in the Silhouette store, it wasn’t there anymore. Ack! I love that stuff! Actually, the red flag on that vinyl went up when I went to cut it and the settings weren’t there. So, if you have some and want to use it, I put my settings on Speed/8, Thickness/14, Blade/3 and No Cutting Mat.

And if you don’t have a cutting machine?
Just print the saying onto a transparency and voila!

The frame is from Hobby Lobby
and looks like this.

think this is the right one online. It’s what it looks like in real life and the price is 13.99, on sale for 6.99. It’s 8.25″ w x 10.25″ h x 1.2″ d. The glass comes all the way to the front while the back sits behind a bit (there’s excess cardboard in it when you buy it), allowing the 1″ bells to sit in there nicely. Even staying in place for the most part as long as you don’t jiggle it around.

And then you need your Jingle Bells.

I expect they’ll only be there before the holidays. I also got these at Hobby Lobby, but I can’t find them online anywhere.  They are 3/4″ bells (20mm). You’ll need silver and red if you wanna make it like mine. They are on sale for around $4, so it was a pretty good deal.

You only need maybe half…just over half? Sprinkle them into the bottom of the frame once you have the vinyl phrase on and you can see just how many you’ll need. I liked making my go up the sides a little, surrounding the bottom of the word ‘way’. Once you put the back of the frame on, they can stay in place pretty well.

And then you need one sheet of this lovely paper
that I adore from Teresa Collins.

Trim it to 7×9, using the optimal glittery snowflake usage. (Don’t do it like mine because mine are scraps in this photo. I needed more paper. :) )

Adhere it to the back of the frame, but be sure to scooch it down just a smidge so the back can go back into the slot. It doesn’t like it with the paper in there and you won’t even see that adjustment on the other side anyway.

So easy and so cute. Great gift too!  I’ve gotten a few requests from family members already.;)

And if you like this title, you might like these too!
(Click image to see in store.)

friday freebie | god’s love never changes

October 18th, 2013|freebies|

I have a very special Friday Freebie for you all today. I don’t ever try to be too ‘church-ee’ here, but there are some times that I think the message is special and can apply to all faiths.

If you remember I talked about the new calling I have in church, which is being on a committee to do activities for the women each month. The group of women in our church is known as Relief Society.

A few short weeks ago the president of our church, Thomas S. Monson, spoke to the Relief Society–women all over the world–to enlighten and teach us. Of course he always says profound things. :) His talk was on how we never walk alone. That as we face challenges, we are not ever truly alone. He said, ‘We were not placed on this earth to walk alone. What an amazing source of power, of strength, and of comfort is available to each of us.’

He then goes on to say, ‘My dear sisters, your Heavenly Father loves you—each of you. That love never changes. It is not influenced by your appearance, by your possessions, or by the amount of money you have in your bank account. It is not changed by your talents and abilities. It is simply there. It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful. God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.’

I thought that was an incredible message to share. And being on the committee and us making crafts for the women to do, we summarized that message and I fontified (yeah, it’s a word) it and put it on this adorable photo of Thomas S. Monson, which I did not take. It was taken by Brian Tibbetts. (Research indicated that the photo rights have been released and is okay to use.)

It’s an awesome photo! I love the candid shots like this!

We are putting this on a painted and sanded black block and will then mod-podge it to do as a craft in a few weeks. So for those of you looking for an easy craft to do? Here’s the first part of today’s Friday Freebie.

To  download all four versions, click HERE.

It comes in two sizes and two color variations for whatever your needs may be.

Now, I realize that non-LDS people may like the message, but more than likely wouldn’t want a picture of the president of another faith in their home. :) So I made this word version that you can put on a scrapbook page or in your Project Life album.

It comes in these four colors with and without the name,
depending on if you like to see who quoted it or not.

To download this forever free image, click HERE.

But wait, there’s more! :)

I thought it would also be cool to include the version of the text to overlay onto a photo. So there is a black text and a white text version without any back, so you could make something like this:


Sweet, isn’t it? :) Those versions are in with the cards.

I just really loved this sentiment. It couldn’t be said any better, really.

Have a wonderful weekend!


If you would like to read the entire message from Thomas S. Monson, you can find it HERE.


in case you haven’t been….

October 17th, 2013|Uncategorized|

…out to my Facebook page in a bit, here’s a little look at what you’ve been missing. :)

Just a few sneak peeks at the new Hello There Silhouette card class that starts in 2 1/2 weeks!
(and it’s only on sale until the start date…just fyi)

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October 14th, 2013|layle koncar, pages|

Can you believe it?? We are pretty much midway through October!

Right here.

Right now.

Basically only two weeks left in the month!
I’m kind of freaking out a little about that, I’m not gonna lie!

It’s kind of scary.

And you know what else that means?

Three weeks from today,
the next Silhouette class–Hello There–starts!


It’s coming fast!

But first, to get  you into that Halloween mood,
let’s check out a little bit of fabulousness from our darling Layle!

 [ Shapes | This+That: Halloween (bat and spiderweb) ]

I absolutely adore this!

I love the thought of taking pictures of your decorations. Not only for posterity, but to remember how the heck you arranged it the year before! (ha ha)

Here’s what Layle has to say:

I LOVE Halloween!  But it’s not for the same reason that most people love it.  Nope, not for the candy.  I love it for the decorations!  I decorate the entire main floor of our house; it usually takes me a full day to put all of the decorations out.

I don’t scrap events/occasions/holidays.  I can’t.  Every time I try, I freeze up.  But when I saw the “This + That: Halloween [Just Shapes]” – it was so fun, I figured I needed to find a way!  So, rather than scrapping Halloween night or the kids in costumes, I focused on the decorations.

I’m a single photo scrapper, almost exclusively.  As I was putting this layout together, the spider web reminded me of the shelf in our hallway in the horizontal photo.  That got me thinking that I could add multiple photos above the spider web, almost like a shelf.  To make the spider web more dimensional, I added a few of the insides of the web after they were cut out with pop dots.

I am a NOVICE when it comes to Photoshop.  Literally.  Earlier today I figured out how to adjust the white balance in a photo in Photoshop.  The ‘eat drink be scary’ photo on this layout was the 2nd time I played with it.  I have no idea what in the world I did to make the right hand side of the photo orange, but when I printed it out, it reminded me of a piece of candy corn, so I went with it! :)