In the LDS church we are asked to serve within different roles to help out. So for the past three years I have been serving in the Primary as the secretary. Lots of  ‘secretarial’ type work in the organization that works with the children ages 3-11. Loved doing that. The children are amazing and doing secretary stuff ain’t too bad as far as callings go. :)

This summer I was released from that calling and was ‘calling free’ for a couple months…and you’re never really calling free for very long. Now? I’m on a Relief Society committee (for the women) that  takes care of monthly activities.

What does that mean for me? More creating, but in a different way. Which also means more Pinteresting to help me find ideas to do that more creating.

Is more Pinteresting a good thing or a bad thing?
I’m still up in the air on that one.

You may have noticed a new board on my Pinterest called Homemaking Ideas. Yep. That’s where I’m collecting ideas now. You think I can think up these ideas on my own? Ha! Okay, maybe some things. But crafts in general? I guess that’s where Pinterest is a good thing.

Here’s a few things I pinned and have been eyeing to make.

mason jar soap dispenser / flower pillow / paper pumpkin / monogram

Lots of loveliness out there!

So I’ve been trying to decide if this calling is a good thing or not. I feel like I’m always in the ‘creating’ mode, but just not in the home realm. (pfffff…I just buy my ‘crafts’.) And it’s not that you do something crafty every month, but I have a hunch it will be often.

I was just starting to feel good. Feel like I can handle the pace of life that had finally come again after this crazy year. Now, with having to get on the homemaking creative side of things? It’s starting to stress me out a little. But I just keep reminding myself  that if I do what I’m suppose to do, things will work out. If I am earnest in my calling and fulfill it to my best capability, that everything else will fall into place just fine.

Yeah. I keep telling myself that.

I guess the big perk to this is you all will benefit from it too.
You know I can’t make things like this and not share. :)