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Being gone a week and overworked before that, you might say that I’m a little unprepared for Halloween. I have no candy and no pumpkins. And yes, I know it’s the 30th. I wonder if there are any left.

But this morning I was greeted with a real treat. Something spooky from that wonderful Miss Nichol. A great way to showcase your decorations or a great ensemble to capture an entire set of Halloween memories.

Love, just love!

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(Notice how I refrained from using spooktacular. :) )

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

Banners don’t seem to be going anywhere and I am SO glad! I am loving that you can take the components from Kerri’s newest Family Banner Kit and use it for any kind of page you have to scrap! I took Kerri’s awesome Weathered Door Alphabet and made a “spooky” title/embellishment for my page featuring photos of our Halloween home decor this year.

I love decorating for the holidays and I also love seeing how the decor changes from year to year. Plus, when I go to put the decorations out next year, I can always reference my page for things I liked (or even things I didn’t!) to make the decorating process quicker!

Kerri’s photo templates, as always, helped me put together my page so much quicker and I was able to incorporate sixteen photos on a single page spread! I love that! This page design would look great using any season just by changing up the images and the title!

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  1. Jane October 30, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Her pages are always amazing!!! If I had that many decorations in my house I would make this page too!


  2. Cindy October 30, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    LOL!! Nichol cracks me up with the skeleton cowboy (died with his BOOT ON!!)It’s just too darned cute. Great page, now I want to decorate my house next year.

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