It’s time for that big turkey day here in the states! A day full of gratitude, food and family. A great combination,  if you ask me.

And because it’s the day of Thanksgiving,
I have a little download that is free for today and tomorrow only!

This is no longer available as a freebie,
but you can purchase it in the store.

If’n ya have some friends that you might know that want it too? Ya better give them a quick shout out to hurry and come get it while it’s free. :)

(pssst….little secret here…you also never know what might be going on here during the big black friday / cyber monday weekend! …but you didn’t hear that from me.)

And now, let us carry on with our . . .

 Today’s holiday goodness comes from the likes of that fabulous Nichol Magouirk. Let’s see what she has for us today, shall we? Nichol, take it away….

A few weeks ago I printed a bunch of Kerri’s printables onto photo paper and put them in frames gearing up for the Holiday Season. You can check out the results HERE. I loved how they turned out and thought I’d make a couple more everyday themed ones that I could use myself or frame and give for gifts for the holidays. As I was thumbing through my desk drawer for more photo paper I came across an old package of Creative Imaginations Scrapper’s Canvas and it dawned on me that Kerri’s designs would look amazing as canvas prints! So….. I printed a couple of them on canvas and I was HOOKED. They look amazing. The texture gives the prints that added somethin’ somethin’ that makes them perfect not only to decorate my own home but to frame up and give to my friends and loved ones this Christmas!

First up, here is a peek at Kerri’s latest kit, HoHoHo. I framed this one in a big gallery frame I had on hand. The print size itself is 8×10. I chose the grungy grayish black background because I thought it coordinated with my frame/decor the best but I love all the color combinations this comes in! (And I must may have to print and frame the rest of the phrases in that come in this kit as well!!!)
I used the Scrapper’s Canvas as mentioned above but I see Silhouette sells a similar product called Printable Cotton Canvas.

Here’s a look before framing where you can really see the  texture:

Now how about something the recipient could use all year long? Something like this:

Or this:

[ Designs|  Ho Ho Ho (“Twas the Night Before Christmas”) / Family Banner  (“Home…”) / “I Can Fly” comes in The History Project as a freebie ]

I agree Nichol! A lot of the art here at KBS is soooo framable and would make a great gift. And Miss Nichol has done and excellent job of showing off just that! Love how she’s taken the cards and turned them into prints–including printing them on canvas! Hello?!?!?! That looks amazing!

Thanks so much to the whole Creative Team for making such wonderful ideas this week! 
I am very grateful for these girls and for all you amazing people out there!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!