In the wee hours of a cold winter morning, I ventured my way in through the darkness to ‘use the facilities’. Rather than flipping a switch and being blinded by the six clear energy balls that hung neatly in a row above the mirror (that lies to me about how I look), I used the glow of my tiny little iPhone to produce enough light to see all that I needed to see.

But after crawling back under the deep fluffiness of my warm IKEA down comforter, I thought about that tiny lightbulb that I opted not to turn on. That with all the modern technologies of today–how you can hold a computer, telephone, music+video player, and camera in the palm of your hand–a lightbulb is still one of the most fascinating technologies of them all.

To think these tiny little filaments, that when connected in that fragile ball of glass, can produce something so warm and inviting and lights up a room or your Christmas tree, is an utterly amazing thing in the most simplest of forms.

Thank you Edison for setting us all on a path of illumination, literally.


[ photo taken at temple square in slc in 2008 ]