We’re off to a late start on today’s freebie. So much going on in the Bradford home. Just sent my daughter into the Missionary Training Center (MTC) today to prepare for her mission in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s going to be an awesome missionary! Here’s a few photos from today.



We went to the Provo Temple, which is just up the hill from the MTC, to take some pictures. It was soooo bright!

We’re sure gonna miss her, but for whatever reason, 18 months seems like it’s gonna go by so much faster than Zach’s 24 months. I think time will fly. I hope. ;)


And now for today’s freebie, which will be available for free today and tomorrow since it’s up later than usual. Just a sweet little holiday border for ya. 


To download this for free–today and tomorrow only–click HERE.

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Now, back to my cozy blanket and jammies.
And yes, I realize it’s still the afternoon, but at least I’m not in bed. ;)