Meet Tweety.


My cute little baby bird of a Mac.

This sweet little thing came into my life last February when the downstairs became a shell of its former glory (pfff….not glory…outdated mess).

I always felt chained to my Big Mama Mac (aka, Witch Hazel. Looney Tunes fans here). Always in my office. Sitting in that chair. In the space that existed with the television so that I  could still be a part of the family while working.

I was excited to get my little Tweety bird because it allowed me to fly away from that space–even when it was finished. I could work outside. I could sit in the big comfy chair upstairs and look outside my picture window at the big mountains that I love so dear. I could work anywhere. It felt like freedom.

It was fabulous.

I loved my Tweety.

But with the new year comes new realizations.

Tweety had taken over my life. Or rather, Tweety allowed work to take over my life.

I’ve always struggled with finding balance because I’ve worked at home for about fifteen years. It’s hard because you feel guilty when you’re just watching television or reading a book. ‘You could be doing something productive,’ I’d say to myself.

Well, that compounded ten-fold when Tweety came along. Not only could it be with me outside during the day, but every night in a chair or on my bed while ‘watching tv’ or in the car or on the farm…or…or…or….

It’s strange the guilt you feel when you’re not being productive. Most people work their 9-5 jobs and go home. Mine? It never leaves me.

And a couple Sundays ago, as I was driving out of the parking lot,  leaving church early once again to work on the last of my final push of the work needing to be done, I decided to firmly make a resolution in my efforts to apply ‘focus’ to my life.

No more working on weekends.

This is going to be sooooo hard for me! In 2012 I actually did pretty well with it. Not going to my computer on Sundays, rarely looking at my computer on Saturdays…it was wonderful.

But last year, as I’ve mentioned before, was a year of complete out-of-controlness (yeah, it’s a word). Tweety did rescue me and allowed me more ‘freedom’ in how I did my work, but it also compounded my life because I could work anywhere any time.

Like I say, this will be hard, especially since I’m only going to answer emails on Saturday morning and not again until Monday morning. I know I will have to work the occasional Saturday, but I won’t be working on Sundays anymore. I won’t. I won’t. I won’t. I won’t. 

[insert visual of the heel of my hand pounding my head here.]

This is one of the first steps towards focusing on all areas of my life to create the balance that got so completely out of whack last year.

I’m feeling pretty good about this. And if I relapse and reply to an email outside of Saturday morning and before Monday morning? You get on my case, will ya? I need help staying in check with my goals.

I’m trying to create a new habit.

A good habit.

One that’s better for my well-being and my family life.

And I have to say, yesterday was the first day on my road to recovery. I focused more on trying to organize my office rather than looking at my computer and working.

I have just one word to say: happiness. 
It felt great!

One Sunday down, 50 more to go.

I can do this.