I love words. I love typography. It truly makes me giddy to see something said in style. And that’s how today’s Valentine or love-related kit has come to light.

It’s called Just My Type.


There are a variety of sentiment styles here. If you notice, there are three sets of script words. One is trimmed perfectly for a 12×12 page. One has all the itty bitties of the rest of the letters. And one is in a long column style. You know me and variety.

And then there are the stacked words you can see there on the left. I liked ’em staggered and I liked ’em left aligned. I also liked ’em with the February 14, but I also thought it would be cool to modify it with your own personal number–like the number of your family. Just choose a bolder font like Georgia or a Times Roman and add it to your stack.

Gotta have choices people…choices, I tell ya.

And then, you can also combine the arrow with the heart or the ‘I Like You. A Lot.’ to have a wee bit of fun there too.


Ooh. Ooh. And you can even take that fun banner design in ‘You Are My Everything’ and add your own title to it.

Multiple choices on several of those images.
And I like it that way. :)