Hello February.

Haven’t seen you for like a whole year now.

It’s funny how this month makes you start thinking about how spring will be coming next month. Well, supposedly it comes. It’s usually sprinter ’round these parts. But I look at our matted down grass from the snow that’s melted away and just get a crusty look on my face. Can’t wait for that freshness of spring.


It’ll be here soon.

February not only starts the longing for spring, but it’s a month full of love. And in our household, it’s double the love because we have an anniversary on the 12th. This year is year 26. Yowza!

So I thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate this fine month with a little bit of love here at KBS.


Check out the store to see what’s on sale–prices are marked. There’s love-style kits, ‘you’ kits, envelopes, all sort of goodies to help you with your love crafting efforts.

And . . .

 . . . the Hello There class is on sale!

Yup. It’s true. I thought it would be a fun addition to our cards + envelope genre that are currently on sale.

This class isn’t just about ‘card making’. It’s about learning so many fun new techniques that you can apply to any type of creating. Every time I designed a new card, I kept saying, ‘This one is my favorite.’

Well, here are a couple sneaks of those favorites.


It’s so much more than a ‘card’ class.

For all the fun details on this baby, click HERE.

Have a wonderful first day of February and a beautiful weekend!