As you may have heard, I’ve been redoing my office–for like a year now. I was down to finding one last piece of ‘perfect’ furniture to finish the trio of work space and it took a while. I’d originally planned to have a piece made like I did with my cabinets and desk, but long story short–after a year–I found a piece that I thought would work. Since it was the wrong color, we refinished in distressed fashion (that’s a whole other post) and placed it in our home.

A blank canvas for me to decorate upon.

I knew I wanted a window or old baby crib springs or something to go above it. Since we happened to have a couple old windows, that’s what I have there for now.

Little by little I looked around my home to see what could be placed. I had a chalkboard from Tai Pan, but decided I wanted to do a little crafting.

That’s where the canvas and vinyl projects came about.

I used the Just My Type kit to create to pieces, as well as the image from Just A Bit Obsessed, printed a photo and complemented it with a fold-up ruler and some giant Teresa Collins chipboard numbers, and this is the end result.


I’m not sure if this is the end of the ensemble. I may be tweaking it from time to time. We’ll see. I especially want to do a real chalkboard image of some kind, but that will have to do for now.

Here’s what I used for the 14×14 canvas and 8×10 ‘frame’:


Both of these items I purchased at Hobby Lobby (along with the lamp and trunk). You can find them here: Canvas / Glass Clip Frame

When I was originally concepting this all in my head, I wanted to do a huge piece of wall art with the vinyl phrase. I wanted to use one of those–were they 15×15?–clear no-edge frames from IKEA. I thought it would be so cool to do that. But gosh darn it all, they don’t carry them anymore! So since I couldn’t go larger than the canvas, I went smaller so that it worked together better.

The Canvas

All along when I was designing the 12×12 words in the Just My Type kit, I had this canvas idea in my head. You all know what a huge fan I am of white-on-white and I just thought it would be so cool to use Silhouette Printable Cotton Canvas on a canvas. And the beauty of this stuff is that it has adhesive on the back! Love that! Okay, so it’s pretty awesome that you can run it through your printer too. :)

The drawback to the Silhouette canvas is that it only comes in 8.5 x 11 sheets. Curses. That meant I was going to have to strategically cut it to fit my 14×14 canvas. Okay, so I would have still had to cut it even if it was 12×12, but that’s beside the point.

So here’s what I did. I opened up the love_words_background_trimmed_KBS_0185 image and made sure that the entire thing was either ungrouped or the compound path was released. Because this is one mama of a design, Studio did not like chugging through it when I used the Knife tool to slice and dice. That being said, if you cut in an area where there is a ‘hole’, like the center of a ‘y’ or something, select the ‘hole’ and the shape just around it and make that a compound path. It will only be just a small part and Studio can handle that. If you don’t, you will get a cut line where you don’t want one. I don’t know if that’s making sense or what.

Here’s what it looked like in the end.


If you look in the outlined area, you’ll see where I cut with my knife. Again, On something like the loop of the ‘h’, I would have selected the inner ‘hole’ and its outer line and made it a compound path, so that when I cut, it would separate it like you see it rather than place a cut line all the way through the whole thing.

Some things don’t need to be cut. Some have natural letter/word separations. So you only need to make a few cut marks.

And look how beautifully it cuts! Like buttah…


I always recommend starting with what Studio suggests for cutting materials. In this case though, it defaulted to using Double Cut as well as to use a mat. Technically, anything that is sticky-backed doesn’t need a mat, but I still used it for this since that’s what it suggested. And then the double-cut cut all the way through the sticky back and I didn’t like that. Even just a single cut went through most of the backing. But it didn’t cut quite enough of it so that as I weeded away the excess it remained on my mat, which is what I wanted. Well, what I really wanted was to be able to pull it all up and put it on my canvas like vinyl–with transfer tape or something, but it didn’t work that way.

Also, I used the fabric blade as suggested.

So since it was cut in sections, I started with it like a puzzle–edges first.


Even though the canvas is sticky, it’s workable. Loved that. Doing a project like this does take some patience. And a lot patience in getting the backing off the mat. Oy. But just relax and work with it. Since it’s not ultra sticky, it works great for moving it around.

Now, while it is sticky, it isn’t necessarily sticky enough. It does want to start separating from the canvas, but it doesn’t do it too much in my climate. I’m sure it would be different in a humid environment. Who knows, I may still paint it, like I’d originally thought or add Mod Podge to help ensure some more stickiness.

But for now?  Me likey the raw canvas. I can just rub over the areas that look a little loose and it’s good. It’s not enough to bother me.

The Glass Clip Frame

So like I mentioned, I had this idea to put it on a big surface, but that didn’t work out. So Plan B was to do a smaller surface. Should I do it with a frame? Without a frame? Or put it in a dimensional frame and put stuff behind it like Jingle All The Way?

Decisions. Decisions.

I opted to just put it on glass. And I have fuzzy vinyl (not heat transfer) and Silhouette doesn’t make it anymore. Not sure where to get it.


But then I didn’t know if I should put a photo with the text along side it–same height all around or just put it on the surface and leave it at that. Or wait, perhaps I could attach a photo with a binder clip or clothespin.

Okay, so that was the solution.

So there ya have it. My little home decor project for the year. ;)