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I’m just a sucker for photo fun. Usually it’s more so on my computer, but I do dabble in iPhone fine art.

A few days ago Zach got himself a new smartphone. Granted, his other one was almost two years old, but it wasn’t the ‘most recent’ release of the line when we purchased it at the time. I mean, c’mon, the ‘most recent’ changes like every two months.

But he got a nice new phone with a great screen and introduced me to the VSCOcam app (or website+video) that he was so excited to now have access to. This came out last May, I believe. Now, I’m not a big filter girl, but man, they just have a way of pulling you in! In general, I like the look of filters, but wind up going with the natural enhanced shots most of the time.

The app itself is free, but you can buy a pack of a few filters that you want for .99, give or take. Then they had a bundle of 38 for 5.99 vs. getting the 3 or 4 for .99. And when they make it look like this?



Bought the 5.99 set–as indicated by the ‘In Bundle’ sign.

I’m not a big app buyer in general, so it didn’t seem like much of a big deal to just have a little fun.

Like I say, I can get sucked into this stuff on a whim. That being said, my most favorite app ever is still, and will probably always be, PicTapGo. Love that thing and use it all the time.

But this app is incredibly powerful! I love choices….variety….and this baby has a ton! Even from the Library view after importing the photos that you want to work on, you have three viewing choices. (And these are screen shots on my iPhone, so they aren’t the sharpest of photos. :) )


So the first thing you do is import your photo from your Camera Roll (or take your own photo) and then pick a filter. I like it because the filter indicator pops up on your screen momentarily.


If you notice in the middle photo, once you’ve picked your filter, it has a little slider on it. If you push on it again, you’ll get a slider for the intensity of the filter.

Again with the choices. love.

But that’s just the beginning. In the right photo you’ll see the various options for altering your photo–each one with its own slider. They include: Exposure, Temperature, Contrast,  Rotate (love this), Crop, Fade, Vignette, Tint, Saturation, Shadows, Highlights, Sharpen, Grain, Highlight Tint, Shadow Tint, and Skin Tone (a free filter add on).


And what I really love about this app is that the changes are always there for you to modify again if you want. So if I exit this and decide I no longer want the vignette and I want to Sharpen and Rotate it…done. If I rotated it too far. I can fix it. And when I say rotate, I mean rotate. Most apps only let you rotate in 90 degree increments. This one has a slider (of course) that you click and drag and it will rotate it for you. LOVE!


So on this last Yankees Stadium photo, I took the Exposure to -1, Temperature -2, Contrast +1, Saturation -1, and then of course added a Vignette and Rotated. it.

And that’s just touching the surface of it all. Here’s some things I did with a photo of a little corner flower shop in NYC. We bought flowers for the kids and the music teacher and piano player here to give to them after singing in Carnegie Hall last year.


(oops. typo. ignore it.)

And this is where it gets kind of cool. With Shadow/Highlight Tints, you can add a tint to the shadows or the highlights of the photo.


It’s just subtle change, but fun. Here’s the final shot with a couple other edits.


The possibilities with this app are endless. I think one could get a bit carried away. Which is probably why I usually shy away from filter apps and stick to make a photo shine in its original–but enhanced–state. I usually don’t have time to mess around. But it’s fun to have when you do want to play. Oh, and I also like being able to filter your library by Edited, Unedited, All or even Flagged ones. Pretty sweet.

And speaking of playing, here’s a before and after of the Santa Monica Pier. I was playing with this last night. :)


The one bad thing about using photo editing on my phone is the fact that my vision changes from time to time so I may have to get my glasses. Oh how I hate that. Taking out my contacts and holding it close is dreamy though. I can see it clearly that way.

Anywho. It’s a fun app to play with. :)

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  1. Katrina March 6, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks for the info! I’ve wondered about that app, but I’ve never tried it. I may have to now!

  2. Stefani March 9, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    I totally agree with you. VSCO Cam is a super fun app to play with. It’s pretty much all I use for my mobile photos.

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