diy: banner picks

You’re having a party.

You’re making a cupcakes.

You want some festive picks to top that lovely mound of tasty confection. Picks that come in your special color scheme.

And you want a personalized sentiment too.

We never want much, do we.

Well, I’ve got something that can help you with your wants.
A brand new DIY Banner kit!



What’s fun about this kit is that you choose a background and a design, color them, align, and make yourself a sweet little print+cut! Everything is set up as a ‘cuttable’ image, so it’s easy to add whatever color you need. Everything fits perfectly together and I love that.

When you open the DXF file (using Standard Studio), it’ll look like this:


I would recommend selecting all the little pieces of each design–including the titles–and turn each one into a Compound Path (right click). Turn off the cutlines as well too. Then, resave it and add that to your library. That way you only need to do it once and it’s ready for you the next time you need it.

Simply copy however many pieces you need, alter your colors, and make yourself a print+cut like this.


Then you can just wrap them around a little toothpick and voila! Your own little picks! Just how you want them! And you don’t have to use these for cupcakes…you could totally print out a whole bunch of these to keep on hand for tons of scrapbook pages and cards! Tons of uses!



Now, I chose to just print these on plain ol’ printer paper. I could have chosen to do it on a Premium Presentation Paper (cardstock) and the colors would have been a little more vibrant (mainly red+orange), but since I was doing several sheets, I thought that they looked fine enough as they were. I’d also contemplated using Silhouette Sticker paper, but decided I needed to keep that for myself. ;)

You could make them two-tone, add a child’s name, a birth date on one side, whatever floats your boat.

It’s all up to you.



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  1. Su March 11, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    Kerri, this is SO my thing! One quick question: when you cut printer paper what cut settings do you use? I invariably wreck my cuts on anything thinner than 65 lb card stock. Thanks!

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