I can’t remember exactly when I bought my first pair of Fiskars Soft Touch Micro Tip scissors. I’m thinking 12 or 13  years at least.  Maybe even longer. And I have to say, I have never and will never use another pair of scissors for crafting again.

That little spring-loaded handle of perfection is ideal for precise cutting. Now granted, I don’t have to do as much precise cutting as I used to. Hello? Remember when we used to cut our own titles of cardstock using stencils or reverse printing? But there’s something magical about being able to hold those scissors in the palm of your hand.


Sooooo much more control!

There’s no holes to fumble your fingers into or work with by holding them. You simply hold them in the palm of your hand and squeeze.

It’s delightful!

I think if you had hand issues–like arthritis or something–that these would be perfect.

Squeezing your hand rather than controlling a couple of fingers is like night and day.

That’s why these are my favorite.

And here’s another tip. I always have at least two of everything that I use most frequently. There’s many-a times they get buried under mounds of projects and I can’t find them immediately.

No worries. I always have a spare.
And I keep them handy in my drawer.


If you haven’t ever tried these scissors, I highly recommend them. No I do not work for Fiskars. :) I just love these scissors because they are just ever-so awesome.