well traveled + where i live at home

That's what I want to be....well traveled. I think I'm off to a good start in my life, but I want to travel more. I want to see the world...well, parts of it anyway...I'm not quite that adventurous. I love experiencing new places and new things. Seeing the beauty of our lovely little earth. I always say that if I was rich I wouldn't want expensive cars or a fancy house. I would want a house with space (but not big) and to travel. Okay, maybe I'd need some nice camera equipment to go with. But that's it. Nice home. [...]

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blast from the past + fabulous cards + joy in the ordinary

It's another great big huge honkin' day here at KBS to help you get ready for National Scrapbook Day. So much going on this week and weekend all over the place, really. And have you heard about the big shindig going on with Big Picture Classes? They are making a world-wide collective effort to showcase 10,000 pages from everyone on Instagram this Saturday. Can you believe it? Oh man, 10,000....they should hit it easily, don't you think? I know I'll be scrapping for the event...you might even see a sneak peek of the Hello There Everywhere class. ;) I think it [...]

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NSD Sale + New Gradients + Video Tutorial

We have a really huge day in store, so grab your favorite beverage and be prepared to be entertained. Okay, maybe not entertained, there's no tap dancing going on here, but there's lots to still enjoy. This coming Saturday is a big day in our little scrapbooking world. It's National Scrapbook Day, which is really Inter-National Scrapbook Day, right? So to help you get ready for whatever scrapbooking fun you may be participating in this weekend, we have got the sale for you! Savings abound! All classes are already marked to their respective sale price, so just use the code NSD14 if [...]

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a ‘tiny’ tip for silhouette cutting

I just made the itty bittiest of cuts using a handwritten cut file from the Happy Stuff kit and thought I'd share a couple tips for cutting the tiny things on your Silhouette. 1.  Add a slight Offset to thicken up the itty bitty parts.2.  Change your blade depth to one set higher than what you use normally on cardstcok.       (I set mine to 5, when usually it's 4.)3.  Double cut the image. I did my usual cardstock settings and it was a little more awkward to try and remove. I did all three options listed above and [...]

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magical photos

It's funny how things work out. I love the word serendipity for that very reason. A fortunate accident. Something that happens just out of a mere accidental moment. That's what happened to me last night when I accidentally put the transparent image over the top of the photo. It turned out like this and by golly, I thought it was rather fun!   So then that spurred these little bits of magicalness (yeah, it's a word) with these random photos on my computer. So yeah. Next time you want to add a little bit of magicalness to a photo? Throw a [...]

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allergies. say what???

I've heard the tales. I just couldn't ever believe it. I've never had allergies in my life. I mean, heck, I practically grew up on a farm, spent many summers there as well. Never had a problem. As I've gotten a little more seasoned, I find that I'm just a little more 'achoo-ee' lately in the spring. It couldn't be allergies. I've never been allergic to anything. But this year seems to be the kicker. I walked out of the mall into a courtyard of white blossomed trees and the sneezing began. Not intensely, mind you, but enough to draw attention [...]

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easter freebie + new kit + sale ending

It's Easter weekend. I miss the days of basket-filled sweets. Tiny little surprises. Hiding baskets in unusual places the night before--like the dryer or hanging from the ceiling fan. Something fun for the kids to do that morning when they wake up. I think I'm feeling nostalgic this week for the younger days of my kids...not that I want to go back, mind you, but they are sweet moments. So instead, today I share some sweets with you. Let's start off with this cute little Easter freebie. I call it a funky bunny. I like a little quirky from time [...]

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hello there  • graduate card

You know, it's been strange this year not having any kids in--the traditional sense of the word--school. You don't think about the holidays when all the kids are out. Spring break? Yeah, when's that? No graduations to attend or have your kids go to for their friends. You kind of become oblivious to it all which is really weird when it was a part of your life--or rather, pretty much all  your life for like 20 years or so. It's really weird. But, it is that time of year and has Nichol got the grad card idea for you! This pop-up [...]

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hello there  •  hello flip card

I don't know 'bout you, but I have soooo been enjoying Nichol's cards this week...and this one is no exception. I love her take on the flip card, especially her adding the white-on-white flower background to it. love. All her touches with the stamps and flowers and such makes this pop in a whole new way! And I think I need to get my hands on that stamp that says, 'Definitely Not Junk Mail.' That is darling! Here's some words from Nichol:  I loved learning how simple it can be to create my own flip cards! While I kept to [...]

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hello there  •  floopy flower

Our week-long showcase on the Hello There Silhouette card class continues with Nichol's rendition of this sweet 'floopy' flower card. Love the color choices and the stamped sentiment on the banner. All the extra bits and baubles are just icing on the cake. Here's what Nichol has to say: I added stamping detail to the 'floopy flower' card using a background stamp and tone-on-tone ink. Next, I stamped a circle design on a contrasting cardstock and added it for the flower center and then added a stamped/embossed vellum banner across the front for my greeting. I then used a light yellow for [...]

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