It’s another great big huge honkin’ day here at KBS to help you get ready for National Scrapbook Day. So much going on this week and weekend all over the place, really. And have you heard about the big shindig going on with Big Picture Classes?


They are making a world-wide collective effort to showcase 10,000 pages from everyone on Instagram this Saturday. Can you believe it? Oh man, 10,000….they should hit it easily, don’t you think? I know I’ll be scrapping for the event…you might even see a sneak peek of the Hello There Everywhere class. ;)

I think it can be done. Don’t you? Are you in?

I remember when there wasn’t really a holiday much less a social media to share our works of art. I feel like I started scrapbooking when scrapbooking was just taking off. My first scrapbook page publication was for the Creating Keepsake’s 1998 Idea Annual.

Magazine infancy.

Just a baby!

After that…it was winning the 1999 CK Hall of Fame–the very first one. Seems like forever ago, really. Remember how awesome it was to get those HoF magazines each year?

But I admit, I have definitely grown over the years. *gasp* My scrapbooking skills were not always so clean and streamlined. Oh yes, I had my fair share of sprinkles made with pens and sticker sneeze. You may have seen this before, but here’s my very first page.


Ack! I know.

I don’t dare put it much larger for the scariness factor.
(FYI: Coloring is off because it’s still in the Creative Memories album +  page protector.)

We’ve come a long way over the years, have we not? Or maybe not…it appears that I still love a white background. ;)

So after that scariness, I think we need to see some fabulousness from our creative team today. Let’s see what Laura has up her sleeve for us today!


[ Designs | Happy Stuff (happy birthday, hello there, that’s kind of cool), Life Additions #2 (chevron background), More Background Basics (circle + wave backgrounds ) ]

So many great card ideas! Same basic layout, but all looking so different! I love it!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I picked out a few sentiments from Kerri’s new Happy Stuff kit that would be perfect for making some cards. I’m always needing birthday cards, love to send out “hello” cards, and I thought the “that’s kind of cool” would be great for a congratulations type card. I also cut a variety of backgrounds to create the card bases from cardstock, and then cut some of the negative pieces from those backgrounds from patterned paper to add to the cards. I wanted to keep the cards fairly flat so they would be easy to mail. By sticking to a background piece, a sentiment, and a few enamel dots, I was able to create simple cards that still have plenty of interest to them.

Great job Laura!


And now for today’s one day only freebie. Something I feel very passionate about. Finding joy in even the simplest of things–just the ordinary, everyday things. A laugh, a song, the smell of the lilacs, the sunset, you name it….there is always joy to find. Don’t take them for granted. 


To download it for free–TODAY ONLY–click HERE.

This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store.

Have fun using it as a cut out for your page or use it as an overlay on your photo.