That’s what I want to be….well traveled. I think I’m off to a good start in my life, but I want to travel more. I want to see the world…well, parts of it anyway…I’m not quite that adventurous. I love experiencing new places and new things. Seeing the beauty of our lovely little earth. I always say that if I was rich I wouldn’t want expensive cars or a fancy house. I would want a house with space (but not big) and to travel. Okay, maybe I’d need some nice camera equipment to go with.

But that’s it. Nice home. Well traveled. And photograph it all.

That’s why I love Layle’s page today! That girl was Miss Jet Set this spring! Take a look….

Well Traveled

Well Traveled - closeup2
Well Traveled - closeup1

[ Designs | Well Traveled (title) / Click (film strip) / Need Directions (arrow)]

Love how she included the airport codes in that rainbow of colors.

Here’s what Layle has to say:

Kerri is SO on trend with her brush script cut files, I seriously can’t get enough of them!  I used the Well Traveled title on this layout, it was perfect to document my WHIRLWIND trip in April – I was in 3 countries – the US, the UK and Mexico – over a period of 11 days.  6 airports, 3 cities and 13,361 miles!  To say it was a tad crazy would be an understatement!  I used a film strip from the Click kit to frame photos from the 3 cities I was in during my trip.  I love how each section of the film strip helps to separate the 3 different photos/main stops of the trip.  To tie everything together, I used different colored letter stickers for the airport codes for each of the 6 different airports I was in over the course of the trip.


And now for today’s one-day-only freebie!


Just a little something that could be used for just about any subject–around home or off to some far off land.

To download it for free–TODAY ONLY–click HERE.

This is no longer available as a freebie, but you can get it in the store.


And now, as part of this week-long celebration across the land–and as part of the Big Picture Classes NSD movement– here’s a revisit at ‘the place where I live’ ….aka, my office/studio. This is where I am when I don’t get to travel. ;) It is still a work-in-progress after the remodel.


Love using a trackpad over a mouse! Got used to it when I got my laptop. I even design with it. It’s awesome and has actually helped with carpal tunnel. My wrists don’t hurt like they used to. Love the ‘no cord’ scenario too! Just wish Apple made an extended keyboard that was wireless. But again, I use my laptop so much that switching to this little one that my big mama mac came with–instead of the corded extended one I’ve used for years–actually keeps  my fingers more consistent in where they wanna go.




I love that I can stand with my new desk. It’s just three inches or so higher than your standard desk.


Love standing at this workspace too!


My favorite cupboard. Ain’t it pretty?


Love having my scraps organized in a neat little fridge bin in a drawer. One of my very favorite features of the new workspace.


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An in case you missed this little announcement nugget on Monday,
this is still happening….all week long. :)