it’s back!

May 30th, 2014|freebies|

Memorial Day is over and that weekend is generally considered the big kick-off to summer.

So do you know what that means?


The ‘Summer of the Friday Freebie’ is back!

Every Friday until Labor weekend there will be a freebie for you to have forever and ever. And for today’s  freebie? All I kept thinking of when I thought summer + freebie was…


To download this–forever free–click here.

Have a great summer! :)

last week in pictures.

May 27th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Still on the crazy side of life, but thought I’d share a picture story of a few things that happened last week.

My first rose of the year.

yellow rose 1a

A beautiful day at a wedding.


Boys will be boys…will be boys trying to be acrobats.
Otherwise entitled: When cousins get together.
Not the best photo, but shares the story.


Wish these were in my yard.

[ at the temple ]


Seeing this sweet face via email that I don’t get to see in person for almost another year. (Okay, so this was just yesterday. :) )


Birthday dinner. My dad, sister and her daughter all have the same birthday.


Eating the fruits of our labor.


And the birthday cake.


Great things in the mail from Simple Stories and Two Peas.


And that about sums it up. :)


May 22nd, 2014|Uncategorized|

Hey all!

Just popping in to say that I really do exist. Life has just been super crazy this week. Hopefully some normality will resume shortly.

In the meantime, this was my office space yesterday and I so enjoyed finally ‘getting out.’ :)


Starts Monday

May 17th, 2014|Uncategorized|

In case you didn’t realize what time of May it is….


And you can save $5 on the class price if you sign up by Monday.

Scale Tool? Workin’ Cool.

May 16th, 2014|silhouette, tips and tricks|

There was one thing that really bothered me about the Scale tool in the previous Studio software.

It didn’t work right. 

If you were to rotate a square 45 degrees and change the width, rather than it changing horizontally–from side to side, it still looked at it in that square form and would change it on the diagonal like this:


Soooooo frustrating!

But now? If you change the width of a rotated square, you know what you get?

A diamond shape! Yahoo!


I’m beyond thrilled that Scale now works as it should!



On that note, have a wonderful weekend! :)

Love You To The Moon And Back

May 15th, 2014|naomi atkins, pages|

I can’t believe we are now half way through May. It’s felt more like March this past week and will feel more like June later this week. Can I just be set with some constant lovely 70s weather for a while? None of this extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum?

70s are my favorite. :)

We have a bit of loveliness coming from Naomi today.


[ Design | Say What (title) ]

Love the wispy, ethereal  with a hint of vintage look. Perfect for that phrase! Naomi used the title really big, cut it from white, and inked it with a small gold ink pad.


Now, I’m off to finish wrapping up the Here There Everywhere class!

printing + color profiles

May 13th, 2014|printing, tips and tricks|

First and foremost, let me start off by saying I am in no way an expert when it comes to all things Photoshop/Elements and printing. :)

But for some time my photos were printing on the yellow side. And this is strange because my Epson Photo Stylus 1400 printer tends to not print yellow. It’s been something I’ve dealt with for years–always having to clean my print heads because the yellow gets clogged up.

Well, not too long ago I decided to figure out what was going on. I brought my camera-shootin’ photo-printin’ daughter down to see if we couldn’t figure it out. She always says, ‘Let Photoshop handle the color, not the printer.’ Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but even when I had it set for PS to handle the color, it was still yellow.

She was looking at things and when I asked her about the Printer Profile box. This is what it was set as:


And I believe it just always defaults to that. I’ve never changed it and it seems like that’s what it’s always said, but I could be wrong. You would think I was wrong if my printer used to print correctly. And now that I think about it, I remember doing an update on the printer driver, maybe it changed then.

Aaaaaaanyway, Kass said, ‘Oh yeah. That could definitely be the problem. You need to make sure that you have that set to same paper that you’re using.’

That would be Epson Premium Lustre Photo Paper…otherwise listed as:


(Make sure that the Color Handling is set to Photoshop to get the drop-down box.)

Did you happen to hear the angels singing last week? Yeah, that’s when this bit o’ magic occurred. Correct printing on the left, bad printing on the right.


Just look at the difference in the tomatoes and basil alone! So much cleaner and brighter! I was soooo happy, you have no idea.

And in case you are wondering about whether or not this happens in Photoshop Elements? The answer is yes! Here’s where you can find it. When you go into the Print screen, select More Options down on the bottom and it will bring up this dialog box where you can then select Color Management.

Make sure you change the Color Handling to Photoshop Elements and then go select the paper type you are using for your photos under Printer Profile.

So there you have it. My little amateur printing tip for the day.

I just wished I would have realized it was set incorrectly sooner. :)


Collegiate Decisions.

May 12th, 2014|laura vegas, pages|

This is an exciting time of year for a few certain 17 + 18 year old kids.  A little thing called graduation just may be right around the corner. In addition to that?

Choosing a college.

Such an important decision. What do they want to do for the rest of their lives? What place will provide the best education…or the best entertainment? So many things to factor in. Sometimes It’s not the easiest of choices either.

I love what Laura has done here to capture her daughter’s collegiate choice. Scoping out the campus and writing up the reasons why she’s excited to go. I  love this idea! 


[ DesignsLet’s Go (hello), Happy Stuff (you make my heart sing), Weathered Door [All] (UOP), Need Directions? (arrow), Storyboard #6 (template) ]

Besides the way she created her titles, I think the photo spread is one of my favorite parts about this. I love that there’s a collage of great photos on the school on the right and it extends over to a large photo on the left.  It almost looks like a magazine spread. So clean, yet so fun!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

My oldest daughter, Alyssa, is graduating from high school in just three short weeks. I still can’t wrap my head around that, let alone the fact that she’ll be headed off to college in a few short months. The entire college process was a big part of Alyssa’s senior year. And while it was a hard process at times, in the end it came down to an easy decision for her. I wanted to document her college choice and how she came to decide on the amazing college that she will be spending her next 4 years at.

Kerri has so many fabulous brush-script handwritten words available in her recent kits, and I knew that I wanted to incorporate a few of those into my title. I played around with at least 27 versions of a title for this layout, trying out a mix of words and phrases from many different kits. It finally dawned on me that the “you make my heart sing”, from Kerri’s Happy Stuff kit, was the perfect subtitle to use, as Alyssa is attending college as a music major. I loved the idea of the large “hello”, and then adding her college choice directly after it. I used the Weathered Door alphas to spell out her college choice, UOP (University of the Pacific). I also wanted to include some photos of the college, but didn’t have any of my own to pull from. So I did a Google search for images, and used those to create a collage using a template from Kerri’s Storyboard #6 kit.

Fabulous job, Miss Laura!


And speaking of our kids, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My two oldest that are in the area came to church with me instead of going to their singles wards with all the other youngsters.  And Kass gave me this card.


Hey, if it’s said in style, it’s okay. :)

And then after dinner with Dan’s parents, this was the highlight of my day.


A 90-minute video chat with my girl in Florida. It was the first time I’ve gotten to see her talk in five months. We’ve chatted via email and we have had a couple phone conversations for various reasons (you don’t usually get to call), so this was a real treat. I won’t get another one of these until Christmas. She shared tons of stories and we had lots of laughter–the kind where you just can’t stop. It was so much fun. She’s doing great and loves the people she is serving there in Florida.

I’m sure Christmas will be upon us before we even know it…time is just flying by so fast! Not that I’m wishing for it to be here already, mind you. :) I just can’t believe we are already in the middle of May!

And in case you’re wondering how we got Jordy-girl up on the big screen there, we have an iPad and Apple TV. The two can do what’s called AirPlay which means you can wirelessly play whatever is on your iPad through the Apple TV, which is connected to the television. Pretty awesome! So we sat the iPad next to the tv so she could see all four of us lounging around on the couches and talking. Gotta love technology. :)


A couple more things:  


First, the Here There Everywhere class starts one week from today! Oh my heck! If you wanted to save $5 on the class price, this is your last chance to do it. It won’t be on sale again for a while.  We’ll be learning all sorts of tips and tricks to utilize Studio to your advantage to create your own travel album.

And second, f you’re tuning in for the ‘Color Profile’ post that I mentioned would be here today on Facebook this weekend, I’m a space cadet and forgot I had this post from Laura scheduled today. Color Profile talk….tomorrow. :)

friday freebie: let’s just do today

May 9th, 2014|freebies|

I don’t think I’ve heard four more important words than these lately.

They are powerful.

They send a message.

They create empowerment.

They create attitude.

They also create a sense of living in the moment and working on the day–being submerged in everyone around you and those that you love.

It makes you want to just hug everyone close to you and savor each moment.

It’s a mantra from a dear friend of mine who’s battling cancer….again.

I can’t even imagine.

She has an amazing spirit, a positive attitude, and a generous heart. She will do anything for you and go above and beyond what is needed.

And when she shared with me her new mantra, I needed to write it up for her.

I’d had plans to do a freebie today with a Mother’s Day theme, and while this isn’t specifically about ‘mom’, I thought it tied in well. With her permission, I’m sharing it with you today.


To download this–forever free–click HERE.

It’s about living in the moment.

Being present.

Soaking in what each day has to offer and taking it head on–the good and the bad.

Not taking anything for granted.

It’s about taking life one day at a time.

And as a mom, I feel like that’s what us moms should be about.

I hope you all have the most wonderful of Mother’s Days, whether you’re a mom, a daughter, a grandmother, aunt or family friend.

Love everyone you are with.

Let’s just do today.

p.s. I get to Skype with my missionary daughter for Mother’s Day. I haven’t been able to see and talk to her since December 18.  What a great day Sunday will be!


The Mysterious Case of the Runaway Contact

May 8th, 2014|Uncategorized|

So a weird thing happened a couple weeks ago.

I’ve worn contacts for 30 years now and never in my life have I not put a contact into its case. But one morning, with my out-of-focus vision, I gently placed my finger into the right side of the case and nothing attached to it. I brought that tiny cup of water up close to my eye so I could see it and there was no saucer-shaped blue outline of contact there.

Where on earth did it go?

Did it dissolve?

I looked on the lid, because sometimes that happens and nope, it wasn’t there.

I looked around on the counter and couldn’t see it either. Of course, I wasn’t working with a set of ‘full-vision’ eyes either.

As I began to describe the situation to my daughter, she said, ‘Oh! Is that what that was!’ She’d moved her gel and there it was, all nice and dry and sticking to the counter. She’d seen it the night before when she came home after I was in bed and didn’t realize it was a tiny saucer of vision.

Yeah. That thing ain’t getting back in my eye.

Apparently the night before that contact had tried to make an escape, sticking to the only thing that it could–my hand–and hid long enough to drop and *ehem* run. And I say that because it was not  in the spot where I take them out but several inches away.

It obviously didn’t get very far.

Thirty years.

Never happened.

And that was the last pair of the group that I had for wearing monthly.

I knew I needed to see the eye doctor, but I just haven’t had time to be able to deal with that. So I limped along with only the left one in. It didn’t really bother me much because my left is twice as bad as my right. And if you remember a previous post about my vision, it is actually improving with age.  Odd, but true. Reading, on the other hand is doing the typical ‘old-woman’ thing. Curses. However, with the right one gone, I could see clearly for reading without a contact in, so I’d just pull my phone up close and see just fine. Heck, sometimes I’d even do it with my laptop. But the left one did have a couple teeny tiny tears right in the center which also compromised my vision slightly.

You know. You just deal.

But I knew I had to run up into the area where my eye doctor was, so I called, scheduled an appointment in June, and grabbed a pair of contacts to tide me over until then.

Came home. Put them in….and oh my heck!

I had no idea it would make that much of a difference! It seemed ‘fine’ before. The blurry right eye didn’t bother me because it’s not terribly bad.

But having two fresh new contacts in is like night and day. Being able to see from both. I kept just being so joyful over the fact that I could really see again. It’s funny how that can just make a gal so happy!

Truly, it’s amazing what a difference one eye can make.



Now I can really work. :)

And now I have to get out of the habit of pulling the phone close to my face. Can’t do that no more with both contacts in!