So a weird thing happened a couple weeks ago.

I’ve worn contacts for 30 years now and never in my life have I not put a contact into its case. But one morning, with my out-of-focus vision, I gently placed my finger into the right side of the case and nothing attached to it. I brought that tiny cup of water up close to my eye so I could see it and there was no saucer-shaped blue outline of contact there.

Where on earth did it go?

Did it dissolve?

I looked on the lid, because sometimes that happens and nope, it wasn’t there.

I looked around on the counter and couldn’t see it either. Of course, I wasn’t working with a set of ‘full-vision’ eyes either.

As I began to describe the situation to my daughter, she said, ‘Oh! Is that what that was!’ She’d moved her gel and there it was, all nice and dry and sticking to the counter. She’d seen it the night before when she came home after I was in bed and didn’t realize it was a tiny saucer of vision.

Yeah. That thing ain’t getting back in my eye.

Apparently the night before that contact had tried to make an escape, sticking to the only thing that it could–my hand–and hid long enough to drop and *ehem* run. And I say that because it was not  in the spot where I take them out but several inches away.

It obviously didn’t get very far.

Thirty years.

Never happened.

And that was the last pair of the group that I had for wearing monthly.

I knew I needed to see the eye doctor, but I just haven’t had time to be able to deal with that. So I limped along with only the left one in. It didn’t really bother me much because my left is twice as bad as my right. And if you remember a previous post about my vision, it is actually improving with age.  Odd, but true. Reading, on the other hand is doing the typical ‘old-woman’ thing. Curses. However, with the right one gone, I could see clearly for reading without a contact in, so I’d just pull my phone up close and see just fine. Heck, sometimes I’d even do it with my laptop. But the left one did have a couple teeny tiny tears right in the center which also compromised my vision slightly.

You know. You just deal.

But I knew I had to run up into the area where my eye doctor was, so I called, scheduled an appointment in June, and grabbed a pair of contacts to tide me over until then.

Came home. Put them in….and oh my heck!

I had no idea it would make that much of a difference! It seemed ‘fine’ before. The blurry right eye didn’t bother me because it’s not terribly bad.

But having two fresh new contacts in is like night and day. Being able to see from both. I kept just being so joyful over the fact that I could really see again. It’s funny how that can just make a gal so happy!

Truly, it’s amazing what a difference one eye can make.



Now I can really work. :)

And now I have to get out of the habit of pulling the phone close to my face. Can’t do that no more with both contacts in!