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Alright. Who had a graduate this year? How many photos did you take? Or more importantly, how many photos did your child take of themselves and/or their friends? The good ol’ selfie, right?

Don’t you just love modern technology? More photos are being taken than ever by all of us. That’s just awesome! But what do you do with all of them? Can you include them all? Ohhhh, I think you can make a good dent these days.

Check out what Laura did–using the ‘Selfie’ phrase that was hinted about last week in the release of the Urban Dictionary kit. :)

So this is the main spread:


And this is the spread with the inserts….more photos!




[ DesignsUrban Dictionary (‘But First Let’s Take A Selfie’) / Well Traveled (‘This’ from ‘This Place’) / Sliders (frames); Need Directions (‘Love This’ frame) / More Background Basics (circle background) / Life Additions Backgrounds (circle background, petal background) / Love: Every Little Thing (‘Together’ tab, ‘Here and There’ tab); ‘Let’s Do’ from ‘Let’s Just Do Today’ freebie ]

Wowza! Look at all that cuttable goodness! Love how Laura used a lot of the backgrounds in those little pockets. Fabulous!

Of course, this layout spread could be used for any event with a plethora of photos!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

After my daughter’s high school graduation last week, I was excited that I had gotten some great photos of her and her friends after the ceremony. But I was even more excited when she showed me all of the selfies they had taken BEFORE the ceremony. I love that my girls can capture the moments when I’m not around with my camera (or when they don’t want me around!), and with the quality of camera phones these days, they really do get some great quality selfies that I can incorporate into my layouts. I went straight to Kerri after seeing these photos, and put in a request for a “but first let’s take a selfie” cut, knowing it would be perfect for this project.

I wanted to incorporate the majority of the photos that Alyssa took that evening, and ended up with 31 photos that I printed as 3″x3″ or 3″x4″ photos. I created a two page spread that can stand on it’s own. But I took it a step further, and included two divided page protectors to hold even more photos. I used several background cuts, on a variety of patterned papers, to create the borders on the sides of my base pages. I also cut a handful of 3″x3″ frames and backgrounds to mix into the divided page protectors.
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  1. Dolly June 12, 2014 at 5:55 am

    Gorgeous, impressive, it flows great and well…it’s just awesome, I think! TFS :D

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