So Zach just went to Yellowstone this past weekend–with the intention of doing a lot of fishing. Instead, he and his friend were having much more fun watching the wildlife in the park. They saw probably just about every animal imaginable that weekend…and what a show it was! They even had  a scope and hung out with some of the people that watched the wolves that were like two miles away. No way to get pictures of them, but boy oh boy, just check out the pictures he got of the animals that were closer to him! And he does have a 500mm lens, so some weren’t too close. ;)

These two owl ones are my favorite! These two young things were fighting over a squirrel. How awesome is that??? Well, maybe not so awesome for the squirrel.

And if you’re interested in following his outdoor adventures–because that’s what he often shows being the enthusiast and fly fisherman that he is–you can follow him on Instagram with the name: zachbradfordimages.

Warning: These photos will make you want to take your summer vacation to Yellowstone. :)