Maggie Massey, Part Deux | Find Joy Album

Maggie Massey is still here at the KBS house and is sharing some delicious stuff for 'breakfast.' :) Take a look at this yummy album! [ Designs | Weathered Door Alphabet / Find Joy in the Ordinary / Tiny Details (tags) ] I think the way Maggie incorporated the Tiny Details cards is genius! Love how she made a flip card with them! And I also adore the way she cut the giant number outlines and overlaid them onto her photos. It's just fan-freakin'-tastic! Here's what Maggie has to say: I love making albums and pages that include photos of my kids and their [...]

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Knock. Knock. Who’s There?

There's another guest knocking at the KBS door! Let's open it up and see who it is.... ....well hellllooooooo Maggie Massey!!! Soooo excited to have you here visiting us! I have to admit, I'm only a fairly recent Maggie 'diehard' for an--I don't want to say odd reason, but it's funny how things happen. I, of course, knew who Maggie was because I'd seen her amazing work that she'd done for Heidi Swapp, but I don't always make it out to Heidi's site (or others) as often as I'd like. And when I do, I kind of do the 'power look'. Love [...]

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Stephanie Bryan, Part Deux and Two-Fer Tuesday

I think this should be entitled Three-Fer Tuesday, actually. Did you ever see the Victor Borge bit where he tells the story and he 'ups' each 'numbered' word? It's called Inflationary Language? So instead of saying toodaloo he says threedaloo? Very funny. I found the video....just a little entertainment for you HERE. We like saying threedaloo at our house. :) Okay, back to business here.... Let's start off with another beautiful page from our KBS company this week. Stephanie Bryan is here to show off some more dreamy stuff. [ Designs | Enjoy The Day / Tiny Details (chevron tag, yellow stars + 'everything here is [...]

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Company’s Here!  Hellllloooo Stephanie Bryan!

I've been so excited for some special company that's been 'planning a trip' to the home of KBS. And this is the week of their long-awaited arrival. The first one we are greeting at the door? Wellllll..... ...let's give a big hello to Stephanie Bryan! I became a big fan of Stephanie's when I first saw her amazing work as a Garden Girl earlier this year. Her pages are...well...I would say dreamy. She has such a lovely style. Everything looks so clean and stylish and dreamy. She's a white background girl of course that just speaks to me! That makes [...]

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Christmas In July • Christmas Cards

So, confession here. I always have good intentions of doing something with those Christmas cards that we get, yet each year they get filed away in a stack in a page protector. sad. I love the photos I get each year and have a hard time just discarding I don't. But I'm not getting them into albums either. Well, this great spread from Nichol has motivated me to do something with mine! While it's a calmer and quieter time of's the perfect time to get it done! And using pocket pages? Makes it so much easier! Take a [...]

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Friday Freebie: Umbrella

summertime. picnics. beaches. ballgames. hot. hot. hot. shade required. So here's a fun little umbrella to go with just such a page. :) To download this--forever free--click HERE.

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A Whole New Light

Do you ever find yourself driving down a road that you drive down hundreds of times and see something that has obviously been there for a while, but you never noticed it before? Sometimes it's because you're the one driving and so you don't see things until you aren't the driver. Or that one day, you finally look over to see that cute little house tucked back in the trees. I think we often get so wrapped up in the every day of life, that we don't stop to appreciate all our surroundings. Additionally, I think that by simply taking a [...]

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Two-Fer Tuesday: Christmas in July

I'm still just in awe of how fast this year is going. I know it's July, but Christmas stuff is already out in Hobby Lobby. How crazy is that??? We just have a week left in this month before August starts and that floors me. Of course, once August hits that means those fall days come shortly after that, and I loooove that! September+October are my favorite two months. :) Last week I hinted that we might be celebrating a Christmas in July this Two-Fer Tuesday and by golly, we sure are! Here's a look at today's new kit. Kind of a [...]

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Friday Freebie: Here We Go

Pinterest. It's an awesome thing, is it not? Just a bubbling brew of creative inspiration....seeing things you may never see or maybe never have noticed. (And don't get me started on handbags.) Case in point. This week while doing a little Pinterest perusing of my own, there was a movie poster that caught my eye. And in retrospect, I believe I've seen others like it. But of course my diecutting brain thought the overall look would make an awesome design as a layover for a photo. Looks a wee bit something like this. Of course you can use this title [...]

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