Before we get to today’s festivities, I just wanted to do a quick shout out for all of you who joined in on the webinar last night. That was crazy fun! Man, all those comments were just flying by. I can speed read, but sometimes, those just flew by so fast!

Just want to thank Lain and Dani for all their efforts in helping me do what I needed to do for y’all. They are just awesome girls and they put on a good show!

Okay, so let’s start off with today’s main kit that’s brand new!



Fifteen simply stated 3×4 cards for all your summertime fun. And actually, there are many of those you could use for any occasion, really. Plus, this kit includes cut files so you can change colors in programs, like Silhouette Studio. Sweet!

Oh, and one little addition….the dahlia and dandelion cards both come with a full version of that image if you wanted to use them for something else. Not sure I’d recommend cutting the dandelion though. It’s pretty fragile.

OH! And I just have one other thing to add here. Some of you may see that little sunglasses card and think it is quite reminiscent of Studio Calico’s mood board they sent via Instagram on Sunday. Imagine my huge surprise when I saw something soooooo similar to the card I’d made! I let out a scream and had to show my daughter. I promise, I did not get that idea from that mood board. I just knew I wanted sunglasses in this summer set and have some words with it. We must be on the same wave length. :) It was really kind of weird. lol

And we have a little bonus today. Miss Layle had a request and I was happy to oblige. :)


The words come all stacked together as well as individually.

And now for the 2.99 kits for today….and today only.

I was feeling in a holiday-ish mood. Next week may just be Christmas in July (wink), but until then, here’s some other great kits to use on year-’round holiday pages or to use just in general. 

smitten   xoxopinch-me   halloween


Okey dokey artichokey! You have ’til the stroke of midnight to pick these up for 2.99! Then poof, just like that, the awesome price goes away.

(or something like that. ;) )